hot rads breast

suddenly noticed this morning that the cooked breast is red hot, so much hotter than the other. and the nipple looks like a squashed strawberry–its huge. Is this normal post rads development? Sure it is, just wanted to check.

Finished my course last saturday. Skin still ok, just hot and dark. Nerve pain nearly gone and slight tiredness almost disappeared.

mine was just the same oal.bout week after i finished could feel the heat from through my clothes. also nipple looked like it had been chewed up, spat out and stuck back on! six weeks later, all is well! and just had a fab 2 week hol in n. spain wher i prob wasnt as good as i should have been with covering up the radiated area and hi factor sunscreen!x

Yup, sounds like mine. All the skin peeled off the nipple and areola, and that saw the last of the blue stuff too.

Do what you can to cool the area, and ask the rads people or your BCN if it doesn’t improve or turn to a kind of tan in a couple of days. Some imflammation appears to be normal, but defining ‘some’ is the problem.

Mine was similar - feeling hot and tight and looking reddish. Like CM, all the skin peeled off the nipple and areola. I suspect the nipple would probably have been very sore if I could have felt it, but luckily the nerves hadn’t started working again after it was moved during surgery.

I’m now a year after finishing rads and my BC boob is only just beginning to be the same temperature as the other one - so don’t expect it to cool down very quickly!

i think i have one of those eye maks gel things in the fridge, i might try popping that in my bra wrapped in a hanky. its not a big problem but cooling it might save the skin which is still good at the moment

I know you’re not a great fan of aloe vera gel, but that can be very cooling too.

I’m sure I saw on a thread someone advocating the application of cabbage leaves that had been kept in the fridge! - But I know you’re not a fan of cabbage either!


Hope you are well besides having the hot and red breast. Yes, this is normal, well I had it as well, and also my nipple was just like a squashed strawberry too, even with the seeds (still does at 2 and a bit months post rads). I also still have a slight soreness now and again, especially if I do a lot of lifting and stretching but overall I am GOOD! I started to wear normal bras again but had to change back to my sports bra as it helped a lot. x

My so-sympathetic (not!) OH came out with a good one.

“I’ve got a new nickname for you,” he said.

“Oh yes?” said I, “and what would that be?”


Think about it, think about it…

Massive groan from me when it eventually clicked!

I finished rads at the end of June and my nuked boob is still several degrees warmer than the other.

I had the squashed strawberry/mushroom effect nipple as well, and the lovely skin shedding. My boost area included the nipple and for several weeks after I nearly hit the roof if anyone bumped into me!

Jane xxx

Just had a fumble in my bra and I can confirm the fried one is comfortably toasty while the other one has definitely noticed it’s autumn.

Now tell me, how many other websites do you go on where a complete stranger would admit to feeling how hot her boobs were?

and how many where there is a a guarantee of something to make you laugh

I’m sure there must be websites where complete strangers want to know how hot your boobs are!

Hmmmm so now I’m thinking I know where the cat will want to sleep all the time in a few weeks!