How and why we moderate your posts

All posts are read to preserve the supportive nature of the forum. On occasion you may be pointed in the direction of relevant patient information, services and sources of support.

We do not censor opinions or comments, except where they break ourforum guidelinesand as such Breast Cancer Care does not necessarily endorse opinions or comments made here.

Once you have registered, your posts will appear and you will be able to access support and information immediately. This may mean that occasionally spam or inappropriate content slips through even though we have rigorous spam and content filters in place.  We will spot these when reading all the posts, but in the meantime you can let us know of anything that you have concerns about.

We will remove in their entirety comments that we judge to be abusive of other posters, any form of commercial advertising or information posted that we judge to be seriously factually incorrect.

We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason, but we will always try to contact the original poster to explain our reasons. If this happens we will put your account into ‘moderation’ until we have discussed your post and agreed a way forward.

If you are a student or health professional wishing to contact other board members for help conducting surveys or academic projects, please note that these requests are not suitable for our support forums and will always be deleted without being published.

If you have any questions about our moderation process, or wish to comment on any aspect of the forums, please contact us by emailing

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