How can I best support with family member diagnosed

Hi, a member of my family has recently been told she has cancer, I’m not sure on the best support to help her through. I’m trying to keep her mind busy and occupied on other positive things. She awaits results of biopsy etc. 

Hi Hazel,

I’m sure you’re doing a fine job anyway, as you’ve been thoughtful enough to post here. 

Just be there for her & be guided by her as to what she wants. For example, offering to go with her for appointments for support & as a second pair of ears. 

Practical support is also great when treatment starts, such as surgery &/or chemo if it’s part of the treatment plan. 

Obviously, you’d do this anyway, but do avoid passing comment or opinion unless asked for & be wary of doing any googling as is likely to confuse & mislead. 

It sounds like you’re doing all you need to anyway. 

ann x