How can i get rid of cording in my arm ?

I had a bilateral mastectomy 8 weeks ago and have developed cording in my left armpit and down my arm to my elbow. I need advice as to how get rid of it . Why does it happen ? 


you need a referral to te hospital’s physiotherapy, you need to follow the post Mx stretching regime and also gently massage any stuck down areas on the scar.

There are various theories about what it is but I think that mine is caused by fascia-connective tissue bunching up and tightening in response to being cut through in lymph node biopsy.

Also look for a good massage therapist or a physio who practices myofacial release techniques who is happy to massage around the scar. Its not easy I am still working on it 5 months later but I have full range of movement now.

Where are you based?

Good luck

Jennie (physio)