How can they biopsy my lump with negative imaging?

I have a large mass in my right breast that is causing me all sorts of stress. I found the mass three years ago. Ive been examined by two breast specialists and two radiologists who preformed mammograms and ultrasounds, all who are telling me it is normal dense breast tissue. Now my lump is causing shooting pains, my armpit hurts, and it is growing. When I squeeze, I get small amounts of clear fluid out of my nipple and it is only on that one breast. Common sense tells me I have all the red flags for breast cancer, but it seems as though I am being treated like a hypochondriac. I want to demand a biopsy, but how can they get an accurate biopsy when my lump is not showing up on imaging? What can I do? I am crying myself to sleep tonight. Any advice would help. Thank you so much!

Hi Lindsey,
I’ve just replied to your other post.
Dense breast tissue is common especially if you’re younger. It may also be worth asking about an MRI scan as well as biopsy. You do need an answer, but mostly, it turns out to be nothing serious.
ann x

Ann Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for taking the time to respond. I was in full panic last night, feeling a little better in the morning light. :slight_smile: (I’m in the US.) Thank you!!