How cruel is this ****** disease !

I got first shock in my life when my mum was diagnosed with cancer when she was 45 and died 9 months later. I was 22 years. My youth was robbed away to a certain extent.I lived in anxiety for last 22 years as I knew there was so much cancer around in the family and I looked similar to my mother. I missed her so much all these years and to this day I feel like wrapping my arms around her. Then as expected I was diagnosed with it this year.I was seen by the geneticists before.They could not do anything as I did not have a living relative with breast cancer for the blood test. Breast cancer has ruined my and my family’s life. when I wake up I think about it as I did before the diagnosis. Its become my appendage.

I too lost my mum to cancer when i was 24, she had renal cancer, i never dreamt that i would ever get cancer and blow me this year it happened, like you i am in my mid 40s and yes you do feel robbed when your younger, and now i don’t really know what i feel, but i am certain that treatment is a lot better today then it was back then, you take care


Hi Neelima

I can relate to your post as well. My mum died at the age of 46 (when I was 26) which was back in 1982. I was then diagnosed in 1995 and I wonder whether it’s always been on the cards for me that I would get it. My aunt (her sister) was diagnosed with breast cancer a month after me but she sadly died 3 years after that from liver secondaries.

I now have secondaries but I think mine were kept at bay for such a long time because my GP wouldn’t let me stop my tamoxifen after the 5 years.

I’m now waiting for the results of my genetic testing as my cousin wants to know and, as you say, they need someone who is living with breast cancer.

A lot has happened in the time since my mum died with treatments and drugs and even from 12.5 years ago from when I was first diagnosed so I think there is so much more hope for people with primaries.

Take care.


My Mum too died of BC and now I have got it. I am a bit older than some of you as I was diagnosed at 55 and my Mum was also mid fifties. I felt that I was deprived of my mum too young and worry about my own daughters who are 26 and 28. My mother in law also died of it a year after my own Mum. So it has really badly affected our family.

Good luck



I worry about my daughter who is 24. My (ex) mother in law died from BC in 2002 and now I’ve got it.