How did 1st CMF go Princess 18

Hiya Kelly,

I was thinking of you all day yesterday - how did your 1st CMF go???

I was still feeling sick from round 1 when I went back for yesterdays gunk so really felt no different- this time I’m taking ALL of my steroids

As my appointment wasn’t until 3.30 I took my steroids late needless to say at 2.00 this morning I was awake watching TV for hours - the joys of this treatment!!!

Hi Kelyn,

thanks for thinking of me, I was thinking of you too! We got to the unit about 10.15, we were early but they we’re ready for us so we got going straight away which did my frayed nerves no good at all!!! I was in a bit of a state to be honest as I was sooooo nervous. Just like I was when I had my first Epi. Played the usual game of ‘find the vein’ which was not helping my nerves! Then we got going…The nurse was awesome, she has given me most of my treatments so far so we know each other pretty well and I was v.glad it was her that was giving it to me. I asked her to take it quite slowly and also not to tell me what each one was as it was going in. I had read the bumph they had given me so I knew it was the ‘C’ that can make you feel ‘funny’ as it goes in so thought it best if I didn’t know and just see what happened.

Well, I was very tearful to start with, was a right baby if I’m totally honest!!! Anyway, first one went in no pobs, whatever it was. I was quite happily sat chatting whilst sucking on my Calipo! Then came the second one!!! I felt v.v.light headed and quite ‘woosy’. Just felt really spaced out and it was not a particularly pleasant experience. They stopped it for a couple of mins and put my feet up and got me to shut my eyes. She then cracked on when I was happy (well, as happy as I could be!) and I just kept my eyes shut. It sounds like it is similar to what you had described, and although it was unpleasant you were quite right in that the ‘yukky head’ feeling went as soon as it came really. The third drug went in no probs, hurrah!!

All told it seemed much quicker than the Epi and we were in and out in no time. Got sent home with an array of pills to take! Along with my usual Dex and Ondansetron I’ve also got something to ward off mouth ulcers and something in case I get diarrhoea, NICE!!!

Not sure if this is normal but when I got home yesterday I felt a little bit ‘spaced out’. Almost felt as though I was drunk. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling and I just layed on the sofa watching tv. Feel great today though, hoping its not the calm before the storm!!! I know I’m back again next weds but I reckon I can handle 1/2 hour of unpleasantness if it means I get loads more good days than on Epi. So, fingers crossed!!

I hope you got on well yesterday and don’t feel sick or anything today. Keep taking those steroids!!!

Take care and keep in touch,



so glad to hear that the first one went fine

the only tablets I have are the mouth ulcer ones, steroids and the mild anti sickness - never been given anything for diaroheaa although each time I tend to get it mild for a few hours which is easy to put up with.

I was feeling sick going yesterday so felt no worse going home - it’strus what they say that when the sickness kicks in its hard to get rid of i. this time and in the future I’m taking all of my steroids - beached whale is more appealing to me!!!

I was the same as you when I came home - just lay back due to spaced out feeling and relax and get the other half to do the tea etc

you are counting down now - it won’t be long


Hi Kelyn,

at least thats another one down for you and you have that lovely 3 week break to look forward to now! I have my first day 8 next week and I can not wait to have a whole 3 weeks off after that! Being on accelerated epi as you were I really felt as though I was never away from the hosp. Being let loose for a whole 3 weeks will no doubt mean I’ll be skint before the month is out!!!

I hope you are feeling good today and the steroids are keeping your sickness at bay. I feel much less ‘spaced out’ than I did a couple of days ago, thank god! Was even hoping for a round of golf today but its chucking it down here in Shropshire and as I’m a fair weather golfer I decided not to bother!

Take care and have a nice weekend whatever you do,


Hi Kelly,

glad to hear that the CMF is going OK for you.

I’ve had to get my sea sickness pulse bands out to help with the anti sickness tablets I’ve had as still feeling sick although a little better today. this has definetly been the worse one and I blame it all on the reduction of the steroids - this time round I’ve taken them all but think that when the sickness kicks in it’s hard to overcome it. from here on in I’m taking EVERYTHING and I’m going to be a happy beached whale with all the wieght I’m putting on!!! One good thing I’ve not been sick at all just highly nauseaus

Wont be long for your part 2 - are you feeling more relaxed for next wednesday??? the good thing is that with my first cycle as there were 3 weeks in between I actually felt sooo good I was back to normal - great feeling

Hi Kelyn,

I actually managed to drag my sorry ar*e out of the house yesterday, for the first time since weds! I had just been feeling a bit ‘weird’ and also very low. Thurs and fri I just seemed to keep crying at the drop of a hat, not sure why! Anyway, actually managed to get out on the golf course yesterday and played 12 holes so I guess I must be getting better!

That said, I wore my travel bands for the entire day yesterday which is v.unusual for me. I just didn’t want to have to pop and more pills, although I know I could’ve had a couple of Domperidone of needed. I decided to wear my travel bands rather than be a martyr and ‘put up with’ the nausea.

Feeling ok so far today, was planning to hit the golf course again but weather here is poo so leaving OH to go on his own whilst I stay at home and attempt to make a chocolate cake!!

I am keen to get next weds out of the way now as I’m soooooo desperate to have a 3 week break, as like you, I’ve never had that much time off between treatments before.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and may our nausea keep its distance!!,


12 holes on a golf course -fantastic!!!

we’ll soon be out of the chemo regime and chatting about rads - hope it’ll go fast but in the mean time I’m trying to enjoy my time being at home

enjoy the chocolate cake -I feel like stuffing my face all day - not really going to help with the weight gain!!!

I’ve not cried once since being told - ODD EH!!! not like me at all. don’t think I’m bottling it up but i think when I start i wont stop. I feel i’m getting everything out of my system by writing on the threads and going to my weekly support group- fingers crossed anyway