How do I know I'm getting the best treatment for breast cancer?

I have been diagnosed with brest cancer ,they say it is herditroy(my mother passed away from breast cancer at the age of38). I’m just not sure everything is being done that can be for me.

Dear kennisjohn

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care chat forums. I am sure you will get lots of help and advice from the many informed users of this site. BCC have published a resource pack which has been designed for those newly diagnosed, this may help you to understand more about your diagnosis and treatments. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

Please feel free to call our helpline team for further support and infomation on a one to one basis on 0808 800 6000, the line opens 9am-5pm weekdays and 9am-2pm Saturday.

Kind regards

Hi Kennisjohn

So sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed.

Perhaps, if you feel up to it, you could, say a bit more here about why you are not happy with what’s happening to you.



Hi sorry to hear that. My mum was diagnosed at 46 yrs and died when 47 . I know what you are undergoing. feel free to ask