How do you come to terms with mastectomy?

Ah I’m the same with the white wine, don’t think it really does any harm!! That’s what I tell myself and I’m sticking to it!!

Nite x

ahhhh…weigh yourself before you go in to hozzie…then weigh yourself when you come out of hozzie…then try and figure out how much your boob weighed and how much of it was hospital food. I didnt call it a mastectomy…just said i was going for a boob job…in with two out with one. When I came round I had a good look at the plaster…which was teeny tiny, which was very disappointing…was expecting a plaster plaster not a piddly little thing…and i was flashing at everyone. When they took the dressing off, i looked…and kept looking. I didnt hide it away from my hubby or kids so they never batted an eyelid. I had my mastectomy or boob job in dec 06. Still not had reconstruction…and still playing with the idea of it at the moment.
Look at it this way…you will have the best place to keep your keys, phone nd money when you go out…but you do get funny looks when your ‘non-boob’ starts ringing.

Good luck today…you said you had your surgery today. I know you will be nervouse but we are all here for you when you come home xxx

Good luck today Fiona.

keep in touch when you are up and about again.

Cecelia. x

I had my mastectomy on Friday-1st time back on this site. Hope that everyone else who’s had one recently is OK.
I found the worst part was those awful drains! They looked dreadful and having to carry them around was a nightmare! Luckily, mine came out yesterday as no longer draining.
I asked my surgeon to weigh my boob!!! It was 1lb 5oz! The staff though it was a hoot that I’d asked! I told them that my school had changed the ‘Guess the weight of the cake’ to ‘Guess the weight of the Head’s boob’ at the Christmas Fair on Friday!!!
I see the wound for the first time tomorrow when the dressing comes off and am absolulety dreading it. Can anyone offer advice as to how to cope? My partner and I have decided to see it together.
Thanks & good recovery to all
love Gill x

All I would say is take you time, expect it to look horrible and anything above that is a bonus…

Hey guys, i know this thread is a week old now but i have trouble working out where i fit!!! My surgeon was v clear that he felt mastectomy was the best option with invasive lobular - tho the radiologist said i was candidate for WLE - tumour is under and by the nipple. i trust the surgeon’s judgement so the op is on 27th Dec- i had a choice of going in on 24 dec… hmmmm i think not a preferred way to spend Christmas… and it did make me laugh when he sighed heavily and said his elderly mum was coming for Christmas too - why do you think i am doing surgery, he asked!!!

Just wanted to say that i will raise my champagne glass to you on Christmas day and good wishes to all our futures - we do have them and it’s up us to live life to the full (um remind me i said that when i feel a bit wobbly someone!!!).

Take care all J xx