How do you cope with the waiting?

Without hitting the bottle?
I saw the doctor coz I’d found a lump nearly 2 weeks ago + am going to clinic on weds + the waiting is already driving me crazy :frowning:

I’m in the same boat. There is no easy answer it is the waiting that is the worst.

Without hitting the bottle?? No idea!
I did a LOT of baking - and came on this forum dozens of times a day.
Waiting is the worst part. The rest is do-able.

I hit the wine I’m afraid. Appt tomorrow and I’m shedding it. Really scared. I’ve built up the worst scenario after 2 weeks. Well it flips between them asking “There’s nothing there, why are you even here?” to “It’s invasive lobular breast cancer in both breasts”. Fortunately kids and husband have distracted me fairly effectively over the last few weeks, but alone time results in tears at sad songs and thinking the worst. Sorry, not helpful, but you’re not alone. xxxx

I too have invasive lobular bc the waiting is the worst all stuff running round in my head cant sleep head feels like its gonna burst.
going to see prof tomorrow to find out size what treatment etc scared witless. ps im a newbie to the forum.

Funmum… thinking of you hun… we have all been in the nasty place of playing the waiting game… even worse if you are not the patient type! sounds like the kids and hubby are doing great in distracting you i used to start crying while washing up!!.. I started a diary to keep my thoughts and questions in and that helped me… plus the impending birth of my first grand daughter… who has now safely arrived last Saturday morning and I was there to witness her birth… that has made me strong for my surgery today… sending you a big hug and good luck for wednesday xxx

thank you sandra51 xxx

My alcohol consumption also increased considerably! Quite amusing when the copy of letter from oncologist to my GP arrived stating I was a very light drinker. :wink: Wishing you all the best for Wednesday. In fact, positive vibes going out to everyone stuck in the waiting room…

Thanks for all your replies, I don’t feel so bad now everyone seems to be hitting the booze to take the edge off - don’t think I’d be able to sleep without it this week!
It definitely helps to know I’m not the only one going through this, although of course I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!
Take care all xx

Yep, my wine supplies have taken a hit, the waiting is madness x 1000.
I enjoy baking so have baked 2 xmas cakes, 3x puddings and 2x big jars of mincemeat, my hubby enjoying all the food,just find it stops my brain from going mad.
Thoughts with everyone today who’s waiting and good luck to Funmum3 and Sandra51
i would of been so lost this month or so without this website

I’m sure if I could drink I would have done the same. instead I tried to fill it up with distractions, things I like doing, day trips and seeing friends. The waiting is really hard as you imagine all kinds of things but even if you dont get the news you hope for once you know where you are and what they and you can do to help yourself then things become copeable, doable again. try not to let your mind run away with you. good luck hun. xx

I’m in the same boat at the moment - waiting for my first doctor’s appointment :frowning: Hope everything goes well for you!

Cath, wishing yu all the best for tomorrow. RED wine is good for your HB so you coud drink that and it is good for you! A little of what you fancy does you good. Just do not overdo it. Hugs, Val

Yup the waiting is the worst - I remember drinking rather a lot of red wine. Tearing down the ivy that has taken over our garage proved to be very therapeutic as well.
Good luck to all you waitees and hope that the news is the best it can be.