How do you know if its joint pain or mets pain?

If a lack of oestrogen causes joint pain, how can we be sure if aching joints are from that or mets?

Hi Lolly

I have bone mets and have recently finished chemo and now on Arimidex and Zoladex. I have awful aching joints, especially in the early mornings and especially in my hips and neck.

I’m putting it down to lack of oestrogen, because it’s a COMPLETELY different type of pain to that which I was suffering with bone mets before dx last Christmas. That was a truly agonising, sharp, debilitating pain, I could hardly walk - this just feels more as if I’m 79 not 49 and need to loosen up - I do find that the more exercise I do (walking, swimming, nothing too strenuous) the better I feel.

If you’re not sure though and worrying about it, maybe mention it to your bcn?

Take care

Hi Lesley,
Thanks so much for your PM. Sorry not to have replied yet but it meat a lot.
Just wanted to answer you on this thread straight away as I had joint pains especially in the mornings straight after my FEC chemo 6 years ago. My ex was so concerned and convinced I had bone mets that he insisted on ringing the hospital while we were on holiday (in UK)and it was good we did as they reassured us straight away that it was the effects of the chemo plunging your oestrogen levels right down and oestrogen lubricates joints hence the stiffness. Mine wore off after a few weeks. If you’re concerned ring your BCN but it sounds to me like it may well be the same thing with you too. They never warned me about it so it is scary! Of course I now have aching joints with the arimidex but they’re pretty good once I get going for the day.
Take care and big hug and hope to see you again soon.
Anne xxx

I was put on low dose topical oestrogen pessaries last year for vaginal dryness, but in my case it was also taking the edge off all the other stuff like flushes and aches and pains. I’ve now had to stop it as I’m waiting to see a gynaecologist in 2 weeks and I feel like I have the knees of an 80 year old when I am out walking. I’m hoping I’ll be allowed to go back on them as walking and yoga are the only forms of exercise I enjoy and I’m using walking to help me lose weight.