How do you know if you have Lymphoedema?

Last chemo next Tuesday and have had a stiff shoulder for a few weeks now and notice under arm and where my bra wraps round is ‘flabby’. Am I being paranoid?
I had mastectomy on this side and aux clearance.
love Vanessa

I can’t comment on lymphoedema on the chest, but when my hand started to swell I called the BC nurses for advice. After discussions with them I was convinced I had lymphoedema. They told me that either my onc or GP had to refer me to the lymphoedema clinic, and as I wasn’t due to see my onc for a while I did it through my GP. I didn’t even need an appointment with the GP, I did it over the phone. I got the appointment with the clinic about three weeks later.

hi Mummyv

my lymphoedema started in my hand and arm, I suddenly noticed that my elbow when straightened was flabby. If you have any worries go to your BC nurse or Doctor as they will probably know what’s what as soon as they see it. I don’t think you are being paranoid, it’s a possibility that we have to face. But there is help at hand, I have compression garments for my hand and arm. Last week I had massage to encourage my unaffected side to clear the lymph liquid.

good luck

I’m seeing onc on Monday and will mention it to her. I dont feel such a fraud now… Thanks