How fast to form?


Ok, back in December 07 we found a lump in my wifes left breast, was ductal, lumpectomy, found Lobular as well, no clear margin, full lymph involvement but no spread.
Due to her other conditions they are just giving her Tamoxafan.

Today I noticed a lump in her right breast that was clear on examination in Feb 08.
To me it looks and feels just like the first one.
But is it possible to grow that quickly?
Also the Tamoxafan would surely stop this?

Very worried at this point.


Mike your wife really does need to contact her oncology department on this one. Yes from my own experience this is possible. Given that her previous tumour had some lobular cells it is not uncommon for it to spread to the other breast. I am truly sorry because I think you do not really want to hear this, but it is best to get it checked out. If it is any help at all - I was first diagnosed 18 years ago and had a few hiccups on the way. I found my lobular tumours grew very quickly.


You are right, we were just getting used to trying to be normal again with the small miracle we had with no spread.
Everyone was pleased and said the drug would do wonders, even shrink the remaining cancer to nothing!
How can it come up in a new location while still under treatment?

Mike I don’t really know the answer to that but some people don’t respond to some of the drugs. There are other types of hormonal drugs and I am sure whe you see the oncologist they will explain the options. This whole cancer thing can be such a roller coaster and it’s good to hear that you sound such a source of support for your wife. Go on caring like that it means a lot.


Thanks Dawn I will try, but (and I feel very bad for saying it) I feel quite weak still after the last lot! her receptors were the abso best for Tamoxifan apparently so we were all very hopeful, maybe this is nothing, I have said to her if its not gone in one week then she must go back for a check

Bless you for your help


Mike don’t wait - give them a call on Tuesday. Otherwise you just have another week of worrying.


The wait is for her, you will understand she wants to keep away from it all.
Maybe its just hormonal? after all this is all over the place now.
It just looks the same as the ductal one to me…

excuse me for barging into this conversation
but PLEASE do get her to the doctor on Tuesday.
or as soon as you possible can, tomorrow?

of course it is your call since you are there
but why wait? it won’t make it go away…even if it is benign…and going sooner may help
they may want to change her chemo

Just a thought.



She can’t go on chemo or radio! but as her receptors were so high, tamox should be working.
The official check up is booked for July.
I will see what can be done but I can’t push her too hard on this.

I agree with Dawn and Emily - your wife needs to get it checked out even if it’s just for peace of mind because it’s affecting you by the sound of your post and I’m sure she’s also worrying.

None of us are health professionals but we’re all saying the same thing: the sooner it’s seen the sooner you’ll know.

Unfortunately, we all ‘want to keep away’ from it but realistically this can’t always be the case.

Is there any way you could ring the breast care nurse and have a quiet talk with her?

Good luck.

The plan is she will phone and speak to the BC nurse Monday.
Its still there! no change.
Not hard, feels more like a bruise maybe, not sure.
But I can see it when I look, thats like the ductal was in the other breast.
Its also in more or less the same location.
Size wise its about golf ball size, but only the very top half if you see what I mean.

Oh God, we have not go to go through all this again have we, surely it could not go from clear to fully developed in just three months and with a month of the Tamox being taken???

One day at a time, try not to look too far ahead with what ifs. You will find the strength cos somehow we all do, just try not to panic.
Take care and best of luck to both of you