How is your hair doing now?

Hi all

Just wondered how all your hair is doing, now that you have finished chemo?

I finished my last chemo 13 months ago now, and my hair is still a headache! So curly and wiry, i totally hate it, and i am sure it is growing really slowly too!

How is all your hair doing now?

Hi Naz, I’m 3 months post chemo and I’m grey! It’s still very short but it’s just starting to get a bit curly! Most people say they love the colour but I wonder if they’d do it themselves lol! X

hi naz , i am 3 nmonths post chemo and ny hair is very short straight at moment with grey , it is fine by me as didnt really have hair to brag about to start with unless i spent ages on it x

hi everyone,

i finished my chemo on 29th april, my head is still shiny like a snooker ball, but my daughter who is 8 years old, says she can see black stubble lol,

i can feel stubble when i run my hands over the sides and back but i must admit i carnt see anything,

could be early days, hope so, dont fancy wearing my wig forever,

love liz xx

I finished chemo 6 weeks ago and my hair is coming in nicely. it was white to start with but now turning grey. Went out yesterday without my hat for first time as it was a lovely day. Not growing a quickly at the sides as it is at the top. baby fine as well

Although i will not wear it all the time I went and got myself a wig during the week for a few events and it really made such a difference as it was my normal hair colour and style. I just looked in the mirror and it gave me such a big boost and I thought to myself I’m back I’m me again.


Am just over seven months past chemo and my hair is v thick and curly round the side, but much much thinner and straight on top. I have tried allsorts to thicken it,massage, shampoos, conditioners, getting it cut, thickening mousses and creams. So now I am just letting it grow to see what happens. Then in a couple of months I might try a colour and highlights to see if I can create an optical illusion of more hair. Any other suggestions gratefully received.


3 fec 1 tax done and have baby hair sprouting. I can feel harder stubble underneath and have lost an eye brow this week.
I think the hair will go again during tax.

I’m 16 months on from my last chemo and I love my hair. I’ve kept it very short - something that I’d never have considered before bc. It’s quite grey no different to before bc but now very trendy so they tell me!!

Thanks for all your replies.

I hate mine short, think that is the problem, as i am trying to grow it all over again and it is taking ages!

Might get there one day!