How long after chemo did anyone wait for surgery?

I hopefully finish my chemo on July 10th and I am wondering what the time scale will be for surgery after chemo does anyone have an idea?

My surgeon timed it for exactly 4 weeks after my last chemo session to allow for the side effects to wear off. In the end, it was delayed an extra week because he was unavailable on the day he booked me for. I think 4 weeks is normal though.


Good luck. You’re getting there. x

Hi Rosie,

My surgery was exactly four weeks after chemo, this is to allow for bloods to get back to normal etc.


good luck with your treatment.

Wyn x

Hi Rosie, mine was 3 weeks after finish. Was worried it was a bit too soon but it was fine. I guess it also depends on how well you have coped with chemo etc.

Rosie14. I’m in April thread. I’m like you surgery after chemo but wanted to ask you and sorry it may be in the threads are you having masectomy or masectomy and reconstruction.

The reason I ask is I thought when surgery happened for me it was to be recon at same time seems the ps they use always goes for delay and I don’t want two ops and it dragging on. Interested to see what they are looking at for you I then have three weeks of rads

Best to you

Rosie, I asked my oncologist this week and he said the minimum interval was 4 weeks and they aimed to do it within 6. This is also what the surgeon said at the outset.