How long after mastectomy

Can any of you lovely ladies help, how long after a mastectomy can you have a reconstruction. I didnt have one straight away because they didnt know whether I needed rads. But I dont so how long will I have to wait.
Thanks, Sue

Hi Sue,

I have been advised to wait about a year before my recon, to make sure the area has healed properly - but ultimately it is up to me, I will probably arrange an appointment with the plastic surgeon for July / August (I had my mastectomy in Jan 08) to get myself on the waiting list for an op in April or May of next year.

Hope this helps, you’ll get loads of advice and support from the ladies on this site about reconstruction.

Good Luck to you and a very happy Easter,

Tracy xxx

Thanks Tracy, I didnt think I would have to wait a year. Better get the ball rolling now.
Good luck to you too and a happy Easter.


I finished my rads on 7th Dec '07 and have my reconstruction date of 28th April '08, so it will have been just under 5 months for me.

I think it all depends on how your skin is after your rads.

I hope this has given you a bit of hope?


Sorry…forgot to state that I had mastectomy 4th Sept '07.
So from mastectomy to recon it will be nearly 8 months.