How long are people waiting in Scotland?

I found a lump on Tuesday and managed to see GP later that day. She found a 2nd lump on my other breast. My mum and maternal grandmother both died from metastatic breast cancer. I’m 41 and they were much older than me when they passed.

Anyway - I got told by GP I should be seen within 2 weeks and if I’ve not heard anything in 3 to call her back.

I am wondering on average how long people have to wait on the first appointment? I would be Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. 

I am feeling quite stressed about the whole situation and I’m terrified it’s going to be bad news. I just wish they wouldn’t promise a 2 week referral if they can’t adhere to it… 

Thank you & sending positive vibes to everyone on here :two_hearts:

Hi, I’m also being treated at ARI. The wait time for mammography or ultrasound does seem to be 2-3 weeks just now. Waiting is dreadful I know, but all I can say is to keep as busy as possible, leaving as little time for thinking as you can! Anything absorbing helps- a great book, a craft you’ve always fancied trying, meet friends, any treat you like to make time pass quicker. If I can see how to PM you, I’ll send some info which might help. 

Hi, I’m in Glasgow and things have moved quickly for me. I called my GP surgery on 31st December to make the initial appointment about my concerns and my GP saw me the same day. I was referred to the breast clinic and had my appointment there on the 19th January. I go back tomorrow for the results.  
I hope things move forward for you soon and it turns out to be a false alarm. Good luck. x 

Hi TV1980, I am also at ARI.  I feel this time around things are not moving as fast - I am presuming due to Covid.  So frustrating and doesn’t help the worrying (hence the 2am post).

Good to hear you now know the date for the next step.  Really hope all goes well for you.