How long before immune system recovers.


I am about to finish 8 lots of chemo before moving on to surgery. I have tried to avoid mixing with anyone with coughs and colds and in fact anything else that I might catch which would cause me a problem. Being winter with a normal amount of bugs around it has been easier to stay home more than usual.

Can anyone advise me how long it takes before our immune systems recover to a point that normal life can be resumed. Also I need to visit the dentist to complete a course of treatment started before chemo. Not that I look forward to the dentist but I have already paid for the treatment and would like to get it out of the way

Thanks for any advise

Andie xx

I was on a three-weekly cycle of chemo, so waited three weeks after the last session then booked the dentist etc. It was such a relief to get a scale and polish after all that horrible treatment and horrible tastes in my mouth! I can’t say I avoided germs too much as I had 3 kids at two different schools, so I figured I’d catch whatever was going round anyway. I just tried to avoid people I knew were ill.
Good luck with the dentist
Jacquie x

Hi Jacquie

Thats very helpful. The treatment that had to be postponed was root canal treatment. I have had a nagging ache now for weeks and it will be a relief to get it sorted out, and as you say a scale and polish will be very welcome.

It will also be good to see my grandchildren regardless of minor illnesses. I normally look after them quite a bit but while on chemo it has been difficult partly because of how I have been but also as they are little because of all the bugs they seem to pick up


Andie xx