How long before you get nipple done?

How long before you get nipple done?

How long before you get nipple done? Hi to you all,

I was wondering how long they make you wait before you get offered a nipple reconstruction, I had a mastectomy and recon using my back muscle, which looks really good, but am wondering how long before I will be offered a nipple of any sort.

I last went to the breast clinic in Oct 06, and have heard nothing since. Also I have a small lump at the end of the scar on my back, and my surgeon said he would sort that out for me too.

Hubby and I are planning a carribean hol, (finances permitting), at the end of this year and I would like to think all this will be sorted by then.

Thanks in anticipation to all you lovely ladies.

Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah I had my nipple ‘built’ at the same time as I had my chest expander taken out and my silicone boob put in. The surgeon took skin from my tummy (only a small amount, it wasn’t painful) and made the nipple from that. I had it tattooed about a year later when it had faded to a pale pink. The lady took ages to tattoo it, with lots of different colours (she called herself the picasso of nipplers! I am very pleased with the final result.

Call them Hi Deborah

Have you told them that you want a nipple reconstruction?

I have had an LD reconstruction the same as you and after 6 months I called to ask about a nipple recon and was sent an appointment to see the surgeon to make sure everything had healed well enough for one. About a month after that I was given an appointment for it to be done, was in hospital for just a few hours, I am in the middle of having it tattooed now, been twice may have to have one more.

If I were you I would be tempted to give them a ring and maybe speak to one of the breast care nurses you seem to have been waiting a long time.

All the best.