How long between chemo and surgery

I am being treated for inflammatory breast cancer and am currently undergoing chemo in order to shrink things down before surgery. Can anyone tell me how long they leave you to recover from the effects of the chemo before they undertake what is effectively major surgery. Am I being stupid to think we may be able to get away to the coast for a few days to blow away the chemo cobwebs before the next stage of treatment.
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Andie T

Hi Andie
I only waited 3 weeks - I was also on Neulasta which helped my white blood count so did not have to wait for my white blood count to come up before the operation. I felt fine by the way.

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Ruby xx

Hello Andie

I too have inflammatory bc, my last chemo was just over 4 weeks ago and I am having the mx and full lymph clearance this Wednesday, so 4 1/2 weeks for me.

I think they allow about 4 weeks to give you time to get over chemo a bit. I’m sure a break away would be ok if you feel well enough and will do you good I’m sure. Maybe you could ask your Onc or BCN what they think?

Good luck, take care and let us know how you get on


I’m having surgery tomorrow and they are talking about Chemo a week on Friday if I am well and fit enough otherwise will start teh following Friday - so not long to go! :-o

Hi Andie,

My hospital works on a 4 to 6 week schedule after chemo, and my surgery was about 5 weeks out. From what I’ve heard, that’s within the guidelines. I had a seg. mast., but my chemo pal had mast. w/imm.recon and hers was 5 weeks too.

Don’t know what type of chemo you have been having (?)
Just after my last round of docetaxel, I developed some swelling and then, surprise!..the fatigue kicked in! I just tried to do too much too soon, as I had such high expectations of how I would feel upon finishing chemo. I was happy to wait the 5 weeks.

You should get away & enjoy yourself, you deserve it! ….just get some extra pampering if you need it!

Good luck with everything,




Thanks for all your stories. If truth is to be told I am trying to focus beyond the next few months. I have finished 4 x AC and start next week 4 x taxotere. I am trying to stay with the thought that everyone is different and not to worry too much about the tax SE until they happen. The end of tax must come eventually and that is why I am promising myself a reward of a few days away if allowed.

I’ve been browsing the site and am off out to buy really dark nail polish (I usually ony wear pink) and maybe Makuna honey. Any excuse to escape the house where my family would rather I was safely wrapped in cotton wool while the immune system is low.

Strange to be looking forward to the surgery part of this treatment but by then chemo will be finished.

Love to all