How long between chemo and surgery?

I am three quarters through my course of 8 sessions of dense dose AC Taxol neo adjuvant chemo for stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma with some node involvement. I just wondered how long people generally have had to wait between finishing chemo and having surgery? My breast surgeon mentioned a six week recovery time when I saw him before the chemo started, but my oncologist said this week she would be happy for me to have surgery 2-3 weeks after chemo. I’d like to have the surgery sooner as I could get it done before Christmas meaning I would have a lot more help with the kids for a couple of weeks over the holiday period which would be a big weight off my mind.

Thanks ladies


I don’t post often now but thought I would reply as you are having the same regime by the sounds of it that I had back in 2010/11, and at the time I didn’t come across anyone else who was.


I had 8 sessions of AC Taxol dose dense chemo from November 2010 to March 2011.  I had my last chemo session middle of March and then had surgery 4 weeks later.  I could have had it the week before but if I remember I wanted it the Thursday before Easter so that my husband would be off work to be at home. 


I had all my treatment privately so the waiting time was purely medical and nothing to do with waiting lists.  When I had surgery I was fully recovered from the chemo in terms of bloods etc, and in the event my surgery was only an overnight stay because the chemo had shrunk the tumour to scar tissues only so it wasn’t a big thing at all.


I then had another 4 week wait to start radio and then 4 weeks after that I was back at work full time, returning to the hospital once every 3 weeks for Herceptin.


Hope that helps you.