How long between GP appointment and breast clinic appointment

On average how long do you wait?

I was referred today for a scan. The doctor said he would ask for an urgent appointment but not really holding out for that.

It was exactly 2 weeks from my GP appointment to my breast clinic appointment.Then in the week following my Breast Clinic appointment,I had Bone Scan,CT scan,Bloods,etc.I had Mammograms,Ultrasound and Biopsies done at Breast Clinic appointment.
Just waiting for results now,
Good luck with everything XXX

I was just over 2 weeks from going to gp to hospital appointment.   I was there last Thursday and had mammogram, scans, biopsys both from breast and lymph nodes plus chest and liver scans plus bloods! All a bit much to take in .  I have a bone scan on Tuesday and should get my results on Thursday. All very quick but the waiting is a nightmare. My consultant told me at my appointment that he is 90% certain I have cancer. Good luck hope all turns out ok for you.    

Hi Kmx1, the hospital works within NICE guidelines for all procedures. I think that you will find all Hospital Trusts, however, work at different speeds depending on the number of referrals, but they still need to be within the guidelines. I have an excellent GP and I got my urgent referral to the hospital within 8 days. It operates a one stop shop clinic, so I was processed from triage to mammogram to ultra sound then multiple biopsies, and was told within two hours it was almost definitely cancer. I then waited three weeks for the path results , which turned into four as we had a holiday booked and were encouraged to take it to set me up for what was to come. I had WLE with full LN excision five weeks from clinic appointment. Now half way through chemo.

Sib-I agree,the waiting is definitely the worse bit.You are up one minute and down the next.My consultant didn’t like what he could feel in my breast-before all the tests-and you try and second guess what everyone is thinking,which makes your anxiety go through the roof.I feel like I had been hit around the head with a baseball bat-I know what you mean-I have had so many tests this week that it does knock you for six.
Take care of yourself and try to stay positive-good luck with your results xxx



Hello and welcome.  If you are referred under the urgent rules, you should have an appointment date that is within 14 days from the date the referral is received by the breast clinic.  You will have read that some ladies attended a one stop clinic and others, like myself, it was at a breast clinic where they did mammos, ultrasound and took biopsies and I had to go back the following week for the results.


Please bear in mind that not all lumps are cancerous, there are a lot of other breast conditions that it could be which are benign and you will read many many posts on here where ladies have found lumps and they have turned out not to be cancerous.  It is a worrying time waitiing and we all know what you are going through.  You could always ring the breast clinic later next week if you have not heard anything to check to see where you are.


One thing do not google generally for bc as there is a lot of out of date and misinformation on there.


Sending you a hug






I saw doctor on 5th June and was told would have appointment within 2 weeks as per guidelines my appointment was the 11th and got another appointment on 21st for results of biopsy x the waiting is the pits but the 2 consultants I have seen are both lovely (2 at the one appointment) good luck xx

Thanks everyone for the responses.

Im glad I wont need to wait too long then. I was thinking I would be waiting for upto 12 weeks as I was referred to another clinic with my daughter and it was a 12 week waiting time. So thats a relief.

I have not read any googling whatsoever as ive learned the hard way that this does me no good for my mental health.

These are my symptoms…

Painless lump which is hard and quite large… larger than a grape but not golf ball size or anything.

Situated on right breast a couple of cm from nipple.

Clear discharge from nipple.

I say its painless but with all the poking and proding I do feel its now tender. Im trying to stop touching it.

The thing that calms me a lot is that ive recently stopped breastfeeding. Im hoping its related. However I did have many blocked ducts and mastitis so I do know how those feel and this is different. And I stopped breastfeeding very gradually and had no problems stopping, no engorgment or blocked ducts or anything really.

In my heart I feel its to do with breastfeeding though and im not too worried. Which surprises me.

The only thing which slightly worries me is the GPs concern and his urgent referral although ofcourse im happy ill be seen soon. But why the worry? I was expecting to get reassurance that it was most likely related to breastfeeding but he didnt offer anything at all.

hi kmx,
Well, seeing as you’ve recently breastfed & you’ve had maststis & blocked ducts, my money would also be on that as the reason for the lump.
Try not to read too much into what the dr said, it was absolutely right you were referred, that is normal practice.
Obviously you will feel apprehensive until its sorted out, but so glad to hear that you are managing those anxious thoughts.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.
ann x

So its been a week since my GP appointment and ive not heard anything.

Do you still think it will be within 2 weeks the appointment?

I go on holiday in 10 days so I really hope it is next week although im not convinced I will receive a letter next week and my appt will also be next week although everyone I speaks to seems quite sure it’ll be within 2 weeks of the GP appointment.

Im im scotland, would that make a difference?