how long do ANC biopsy results take? will i know straight away?

i have had an mx and snb (1/2), then had chemo. Next up is a full node clearance. Will they know during the surgery how many nodes are affected, or is it another 2 week wait for results? i thought they could feel and see cancerous nodes …

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Sika tney will have to take the whole specimen to histopathology where it is processed and waxed. Then all the nodes are counted and examined . It will take at least a week to get full results and a report written.
A ling time for you but they do have hundreds of surgical specimens to do each week.

thanks, cackles. More waiting then. I’m slightly curious though as to why some people seem to have a sentinel node tested during surgery and if its positive they do a full clearance? so, there must be some way of testing/seeing immediately. I am wondering if my surgeon would tell me straight away whether any looked/felt bad …

Sika, my nodes were clear on ultrasound and looked clear when I had my snb, my surgical team all told me they thought they’d seen the last of me, but then under the microscope a micromet was found (0.4mm) so I had to go back for a full clearance, the rest of my nodes were fine. Ultimately unless your nodes are very obviously affected your surgeon wont tell you anything because they just don’t know until the pathology is done, my results took about 10 days. x

Hi Sika-I’ve read that they can sometimes do the histology during the SNB operation but I’m not sure if thats routine. I had 4 nodes taken during my SNB and got the results a week later.