how long do I wait? Who do I contact?

Hi…I don’t really know how to put this so here goes…at the moment I have really sore ribs…I was stretching up to the curtain rail 5 weeks ago and hurt my ribs below my Mx scar…it cleared up with painkillers…now it is hurting again…only since tuesday this week though…it’s quite sore today…I did lift a heavy bin bag though…the pain subsides with painkillers but I have realised that I have never asked anyone what to do if I have any concerns regarding BC…how long do I wait before I contact anyone about it…and who do I contact…do I just go back to my GP or do I contact my BCN or my Consultant…does anyone know how long chemo protects you…any answers appreciated…apple.

just bumping so that it appears…thank you

Hi Apple!

A long time ago I was told that the rule of thumb is two weeks… Any niggly thing (e.g. pain in back, hips, chest, headaches, lumps ‘n’ bumps) that lasts more than two weeks phone your BCN for advice. I was told this by my breast surgeon who also said “if it’s persistent headaches it probably is just headaches but we’d rather you bothered us unecessarily”. They are quite canny - I had a back pain that lasted about 6-8 weeks at one stage but they were able to reassure me (by asking appropriate questions) that it was “the wrong sort of back pain”.

Gentle hug, it’s hard in the early months after treatment ends but it eventually gets less intense.

thank you revcat…I don’t think it’s anything to worry about…well I hope not but…it made me realise that I didn’t know what to do if I had any real concerns…mind you…am totally paranoid about any ache or pain at the moment…may I also say thanks for the advice yesterday…I have been prescribed low dose citalipram…I think it is more a fear of what may happen…stupid really…worrying about things that haven’t happened…was never like this before BC…anyway…thank you again…

Hiya - I was told NOT to lift heavy things or try to over stretch. You’ve probably just pulled something.
If I have any concerns at all I always contact my BCN first and I wouldn’t wait two weeks if I was worried about something.