How long do post chemo curls last?

?I know what u mean. I am 6 months post chemo. I have 2 inch curls all over from having v straight long hair. Just getting used to it and I style it with a small round brush before adding wax. I had quite a lot of grey roots coming through so I dyed it med brown and recently I’ve had blonde hilights to the front. The grey seems to be coming back much less now. Sea salt spray is also really good if u don’t wang to style it…it keeps the curls defined. I’m an ex hairdresser so I love to experiment. I’m starting to enjoy my mad curly hair now?

My friend & I were just discussing today that our hair has suddenly returned to its normal texture (hooray), I started chemo Aug 15 & she was June 15. I had curly, frizzy ends which are now growing out.  New growth is dead straight.  She has had very short hair because her chemo curls were too hard to handle & it’s all now straight.  I was told your hair follicle collapses when the hair dies in chemo, as your hair grows back, it curls round the bends in the follicle until it is strong & thick enough to push the walls out, then it goes straight again. Just thought it was worth posting. xx

I’m 4 months out from chemo. My hair is about 1/2 inch long. All my life even when I was a baby. I have had straight hair. Now it’s growing back curly! WTH! I have no idea how to work with curly hair. My past long straight hair also was vergin hair. When I started to loose it I shaved it off and donated. Man do I miss it, It brought out my sexy side. But what do I do with curly.

Hi I found oils work best. Put some coconut oil in before you wash for 10 mins (my hairdresser said to leave it in all night with a bag over it, but I didn’t do that), then after you wash a few drops argon or jojoba oil just on the frizzy bits (it’s not oily after you dry). I got this stuff called Mane Tamer from Lions Leaf that was also good for plastering it downif it frizzed up between washes. Like you, mine has always been dead straight & I didn’t like the curls, although you  don’t need to blow dry, which was a plus. Hope it straightens out soon. x

I went through treatment about four and a half years ago. I had super straight hair before that wouldn’t even take a curl.

Mine came back wavy and as time goes on it is has more waves and it makes it super thick to the point I have to buy extra jumbo hair clips because regular clips won’t hold it all.

I’m happy to have hair but this huge frizz is hard to manage. I thought mine would straighten over time and it has not.

A friend and hair stylist told me and about four to five years post treatment is when you can tell what your hair will stay like. I hope mine goes straighter yet but it seems to keep going very wavy.

I’m just over a year since chemo and my hair is an explosion of frizz. When it’s wet it resembles ringlets but when dry is all frizz, just like an afro. My original hair was corse and wavy but manageable. I can’t decide wether to let it continue growing long and try to style it straighter with tools or cut it and hope a hairdresser can do something with it. I still can’t go out in public without my wig, it’s getting more difficult as my own hair is bulky and my wigs don’t feel they fit as well. Any suggestions?

Hi all, I finished chemo 2 yrs ago and Herceptin jabs just over a year ago. My hair has grown back curly and is now shoulder length. I am worried I will lose it as I keep reading chemo curls don’t last yet mine is still curly from the root. I have big ringlets and waves and absolutely love it!
My hair was poker straight and fine…it wouldn’t even take a perm properly (back in the day!). I’m really hoping I keep this hair - anyone kept theirs? Xx

interesting to read all your comments, am at the short curly grey stage, some days it looks great, others cannot do a thing with it. Much thicker now - how I longed for thick hair, now am not so sure. Leaving it to do its own thing, have had a couple of trims. Just glad to have hair I guess. Still a shock when I look in mirror. Have had positive comments. Such a change in body image during and after treatment but o sooooo glad to be here.x

My hair started growing back curly and yucky grey in the January and was curly till the April when after my second trim and colour the curls went.It has a slight wave when it gets longer now and there are a lot of very short new curly hairs apparently.

I had my breasts removed two years ago. Not cancer treatment needed. They got everything. Within a month my hair came is curly. It is getting more curly by the month still. It was straight before. I love it. Wash and go… but I dont understand if I had no treatment why mine came in curly

I have been having lumps removed since I was 18. I am now 48. Never had any hair changes till the double mastectomy. I had over 40 cysts and tumors when they finally removed them. Now my hair is so curly and it stopped turning grey and actually I have less grey then when I was 40. I did not realize that breasts were so connected to your hair growth. It has turned more red. It was reddish before but now I look like Jessica rabbit

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Hi It took about a year before my hair started to grow straight again. I so know what you mean about “old lady” hair and I too saw my mother looking back at me every time I looked in the mirror. Hang on in there - it will straighten before you know it.