How long do wigs last?

Hi all,
I read somehere that a wig lasts about 3 months with daily wear, before it goes rough and tangly. I’ve been wearing mine since about june for at least part of every day, often all day, except for the summer hols. I spray it with a little conditioning spray each day, and wash every now and then in the proper stuff (tho i’ll be using normal shampoo and fabric cond in future, after reading that thread!). I’m a bit worried as I’ve had lots of complications with chemo, and been on small weekly doses for a few months and my hair’s been growing back a little. Now I’m on bigger doses again (until nov) and it’s falling out again. I don’t think I’ll be able to throw away my wig until about March at the earliest. Will it last that long??!!
Any advice gratefully received.
Jacquie x

Hi Jacqui

Mine’s in good nick, been using it since July and no signs of falling apart yet !!

I have been washing and conditioning with the proper stuff since I got it too.

I’m sure they have a longer shelf life than 3 months.
Diane x

Hi Jacqui

mine is still looking good too, I guess it all depends on how you look after it, mine was a cheap one from Ebay cost £26, I had many compliments about it, thankfully I dont need it now, so it is put in a draw, I cant bear to part with it just yet…

Pamela XXX

Thanks D and P,
Hair coming out again in clumps now, so I’m glad my wig is still going strong at the moment. It’s hard to see it going again after growing strongly for a while. Can’t wear the wig at the moment as my scalp is so tender but just had chemo so not out of the house much anyway…


I was told with the proper care 3-6 months, so that’s quite a margin. Mine is still looking good (apart from a part I burnt on the hairdryer I was “carefully” trying to dry it with from a distance) and I have been wearing it since mid July.

With good care, I think they should last around 6 months

Cecelia. x

Hi all
I can’t believe that’s all the time they last. I had hoped to keep mine in a drawer for bad hair days after this ordeal was over HA!
Seriosly though, 3-6 months isn’t that long!

Muddy the mean!


I understand you Muddy, I love my wigs so much I want to keep them to wear every so often too!

Cecelia x