How long do you expect to wait for chemo to start

Hi Ladies,


Wondered if any of you can give me an idea how long you normally have to wait to start chemo once its been decided thats what is happening? :smileysad: xx

Hi Gazzlyn
if you have surgery first they usually wait 5 weeks before commencing chemo
Some people have chemo prior to surgery; depends on what your consultant decides.
You should be told your treatment plan soon as they have the results.
I know it is scary but if I can reassure you …it doesnt hurt having chemo and the anitsickness medications are excellent; especially emend. The worst part is your own mind…but you will be fine
I wish you well… XX

Hi gazzlyn,

I started chemo six weeks after surgery, would have been five but I was waiting for my oncotype-dx test result to come back and it was delayed because of Xmas/New Year.


As Donna said the anticipation of the first cycle is the worst because you really have no idea of what to expect with regards to side effects etc. and everyone reacts differently. Definitely drink lots of water for the first few days, the anti-sickness meds will probably cause constipation so a good fluid intake is important. I bought cheap 2 litre bottled water so that I knew I was drinking at least 2 litres daily. 


Also ask about scalp cooling, it can help prevent hair loss.


I am halfway between cycles 1 and 2 and feeling fabulous! If you do struggle with side effects, try to hold onto the knowledge that they will pass… 


Good luck xx

Hi lovely have just read your mesage hopefully by now you may of heard when your chemo is starting??  I had my masectomy 30th December and will begin my first chemo 20th Feb - roughly 7 weeks.  I did chase up my appointment mind you about 3 weeks ago as was getting fed up and just wanted to get cracking.  I have been seen for a few appointments now and have been offered to take part in a trial (not sure if this has quickened up things??).  You feel you just want to get things moving dont you, but was also told that they will wait for a good recovery after surgery also.  Hope you have some news soon


Yeah defo