how long do you wear the tight pants / girdle for ?

Hi - I had my tram flap recon on 22nd Sept … have worn M&S tummy hugging pants / the elastic girdle thing they gave me ever since … when did YOU get told you could go back to normal knickers?

Hi Jenny

I had mx and immed DIEP recon on 23 Sept and have been told to wear my sports bra and girdle pants 24/7 for 3 months. Dont think i will last that long as girdle causes major indigestion and digs in to my tummy scar. I also find that the top of the pants rolls down all the time, and that my trousers slip down cause the pants are so shiny!

How long were you told to wear yours?

love Anne x

I was told at least 6 weeks. My big pants though are diging in a bit and with lying on my back I have disturbed a mole thing (neurofibromatosis) on my hip, this is now infected and will have to get it removed at some point soon
Aaaargh another visit to hospital

i cant remember how long I was told to wear the girdle/pants… I have given up on the girdle as its uncomfortable and scratches me … so Im in M&S tight stomach clenching pants which leaves me with a very nasty VPL and does have a side affect of indigestion feeling … just wondered when I can revert to normal knickers really.

I had my diep done 5 weeks ago in Glasgow and my PS doesnt like you to wear a corset or pull in pants.So after reading that everyone seems to be in a girdle I hope it hasnt done me any harm!!! My scar has healed up brilliantly though and wearing normal pants has been so compfy but my tummys not that flat yet as its swollen.Debs