How long does an x ray result last so to speak?

Hi All

In brief I had rib pain back in November ( 2 years after dx) . Because I always have something onc is very dismissive but gave me a chest x ray to shut me up. It was all clear and then lo and behold it went away the same day!!!

No more pain and then for the last week it has started again. My husband wont even listen as he says that I have had the xray and if it was anything why did it go for 2 months.

Because I am paranoid I am now thinking just because it was clear in November doesn’t mean it will be clear now if you see what I mean!

Anyone know?

Love to all

ALise x

I had a pain in my thigh which lasted all summer then miraculously dissappeared after my checkup when I was told it was just old age creeping up on me!!

Hi Alise,
I have rib pain. Mine feels bruised. I put it down to rads/lymphedema in my breast.
I listen to my body all the time. It is only natural with everything we have been through. I have read everything I can about mets and just hope that should it happen I will know there is something really wrong.
If you are really worried all the time why not see if you can have some counselling.
I have something I think when I feel a little anxious about some ache or pain.
If it comes and goes then it can’t be serious. If it is serious it is there all the time. I know your mind can play tricks and make you think it is there all the time. Try and get involved in something that takes your mind away from thinking about it and then quickly see if the pain has gone away.
Last of all have a few drinks. Once you are relaxed you will realise the pain has gone away.
This works for me and I hope it works for you.
You should always ask the doctors if you need re-assurance.
Don’t feel bad about it. Or ring the helpline on this website. If you talk to someone who has been through it they will understand how you are feeling.
Don’t beat yourself up about it it is quite normal to feel anxious from time to time.
Love Jugsy

When you say you had a “rib pain”, what do you mean - pain in the ribs [bones] or pain in the rib area? Sharp pain or aching pain?

Pains can be very transitory and due to minor pulling of a muscle, or a spasm of some kind.

Thank you girls for the reassurance.

Jugsy I have had SO much counselling its not true! The problem is I was a bit of a hypochondriac before BC so now I am a million times worse!

Haven’t had pai for 2 days so am figuring as you say it wouldnt come and go if it was nasty!!

Also like you say - wine helps!

Love to all