how long does it take to recover from a mastectomy

I forgot one great thing. My surgeon told me to empty my drains in my plants. I did. The protein makes them shoot up like Jack and the Beanstalk!


Brilliant reading this forum. I had a mastectomy last week. Had dressings changed yesterday. So very sore where lymph node was taken out.
The reply about little electric shock helped as I get these a lot.
Tried to do too much normal stuff I suppose.

I am OK thanks. Just going for dressings changed tomorrow. Hopefully they will take it off for good. Still get tired though.

Hi Butterflies,well done for having the courage to post and share your story !! I pretty much got told I had cancer over the phone ( twice ) and I think it is a terrible way to give people bad news .Your call on a Friday - really not good ! Keep posting !!!

Hi Butterflies,both times I was home on my own too.They should always invite you in with support to discuss things like that , the nurse said if I had invited you to come in you would have known anyway ???

I am cancer free now but have some ongoing health isssues as a result of treatment.Getting there though !

Hi I have just read what’s happened to u …I have just had same done on Monday when does the pain ease xx

I had a right side mastectomy 3 weeks ago I have had fluid build up on the wound site which has been uncomfortable now it seems to have gone a bit hard which I think is scar tissue , has anyone else expire ended this .Otherwise I feel really good and delighted I do not need further treatment .

Well done for posting, very well said and very helpful . I am not up to posting anything at mo but wanted to tell u Thxs as this will have helped a lot of people.

Hi im due to have a right side mastectomy this Friday plus lymph nodes removed and wondering how long does it take to recover and how long would you recommend being off work ? 


Also is there a higher risk getting breast cancer in your other breast ? 


Thank you 

Karensol I’m interested to see how you go on. I’m booked in for right side mastectomy with lymph nodes biopsy on 26/01/18 due to two sites of Lobular cancer. The doctor today told me it takes 2 wks to recover and after that I’d be fine to drive etc. (Male doctor who hasn’t gone through this procedure). Obviously he has also said there’s still a lot of uncertainty until they actually do the surgery and get pathology report but I’m hoping that I’ll just have to have hormone therapy after the op. I was however a bit disappointed to be told today that I can’t have an implant as he can’t save the skin. The doctor I saw 2 wks ago made it sound as though the implant was a normal thing that would happen. Hope you are ok tomorrow and please let me know how you go on x

I am due to have a mastectomy of my right breast and they are taking all of the nymph modes out. How long after does chemo start.

It takes a long time… I am three weeks in and not ready to be back in my normal routine. Had no idea it would be this hard


I had my left sided mastectomy in October last year. As with the others, i still get the nerve pain and the tingling sensations. I recently went back the the BCN team for a check as had arm pain and was told that it was still early days. My nurse said it can take 18-24 months for the internal repair to your muscles and nerves to take place. Be kind to yourself and take things slow. I am learning to not do those things that will aggravate it (carrying the laundry  ). Keep up the exercises that you are given on the leaflet that Breast Cancer now suggest. Alternatively there is an app called BWell that offers exercises, videos and also reminders to do them (i am notorious for forgetting so this has helped me loads!). Also rest. lots of rest. If you do something that is strenuous rest after. Use a pillow or a cushion to support the area. I was bought the heart cushion from Cancer research shop which is pretty and fits into the armpit really nicely. Its my new best friend. Good luck with everything