How long does this swelling last?

I had single mx and auxillary sampling 11 days ago. I have loads of swelling on side of chest below armpit scar. Im taking painkillers for the tightness pain from this. Nurse says it normal and they rarely aspirate the fluid as it causes infection. How long will it take for the body to absorbe it? Ive no pain from incisions just from the fluid and swelling. Fed up of taking painkillers and having trouble moving.

Lolly, you poor thing - I can sympathise with you! I also had no pain from the scar, but the swelling was really awful - and just like a hot water bottle, it would move from side to side as I did certain things. I have had mine drained several times, although I know some hospitals don’t drain them - but some ladies at the seroma clinic held once a week have had vast amounts of fluid and were in great pain, some of them having had their mastectomies a long time before mine.


My oncology physio told me last week that I ought to have it drained again, so I’m going to turn up tomorrow to see if the bc nurse will drain it - they told me last time that it would probably be my last draining, and it has filled up a lot more slowly than previously but is now a nuisance.


I urge you also to keep up your exercises to keep your shoulder movements loose - it can hurt when doing them with a seroma, and I couldn’t do all of mine until after draining had been done, though I did the ones I could do more often than recommended.


Stick with it, and ask one of the bc nurses’ advice; your hospital might not normally drain seromas, but if it’s causing so much pain and lack of movement, they probably do make exceptions.


Good luck and hope it’s a little better soon.


Hugs, Jo x

Hi lolly I had a Db mx 3 weeks ago still getting tightness under arms and have been aspirated several times on the left side where I had hemaetoma. I have stopped taking painkillers as they wormy really stopping the tightness. my surgeon has put me on antibiotics to avoid infection.