How long for hair to grow?

How long for hair to grow?

How long for hair to grow? Hi

I had my last lot of chemo on 13th March i used the cold cap so didn’t loose all my hair it has thinned lots on the top of my head and around ears - so much so that i wear a wig to go out in as i conscious about it.

When will it start growing back - i am hoping that as it starts growing back it will start to cover the white of my scalp and i can have the rest cut a little shorter but in the meantime still wear my wig.

I thought after a month it would be coming back but when i wash/comb my hair its still coming out as if i was still going for chemo its so frustrating!!


Hair I have always had fast growing strong hair but it took 3 months for it to grow back and even 6 months down the line, it is not fully replenished. I still have thin patches in the nether regions.

It has also come back mega curly!

Hope this helps xxx

My last chemo was on 20th Dec and hair continued to fall out unti end of Jan, like you a kept some at the sides and back but had the “monk” look so wore a wig. Its now about 2cm all over and seem to be getting thicker every day! Its come back even but quite grey, the thought of my hair coming back blonde and straight kept me going through chemo, but now its back grey and starting to curl I’m still happy just to have some back. I think everyones hair grows at different rates so be patient (not that I am) it will come back and before you know it like me you will still be having bad hairs days!!

I am having my coloured in two weeks time (cant wait until the 6-months guide) so hopefully will look a little better than it does now. Having said that I dont wear my wig now or hats, just gone for the commando look, its certainly more comfortable and you do get used to the looks!!


I had my last chemo on 8th Jan. My hair started to grow with a vengenance in March however it is still only about an inch long.


hair I had waist-long hair (had it long for more than 20 years!), but I got it cut short for the cold-cap, and then I had my head shaved after the first lot of chemo as the cold-cap didn’t work for me.

I had my last lot of chemo on November 30th and I started growing stubble by the middle of January.

It’s now around an inch and a half on the top of my head, and an inch at the back, and it seems to be the same texture (very thick) and almost the same colour (dark brown) as it was.

It might seem at times as if your hair will never come back, but it will, and it’s surprising how quickly it seems to grow once it gets started again! So please don’t despair!

take care!

Julie (Magenta)

Julie, it doesnt always grow back ! as i have discovered.

I had my last chemo out of 6 doses of FEC in October - and my hair actually started growing back just before the last dose. It didn’t fall out again, but stopped growing for about a month, then restarted again. I stopped wearing a hat at the end of December.
It was always thick and curly, and came back thick and curly. It did come back black, but is just starting to lighten now.
Yours may be fast growing or slow growing but it does almost always come back.
Lots of love

hi mine started to grow back after the 4th chemo. that was last may and it is now around4inches long :slight_smile:
sharon. x

Kay, I finished rads on12 Jan. Now I have a good head of short hair!! Before the dreaded BC I had long, fine poker-straight hair. Now, has come back thicker and, I think, curls are starting to appear. I’ve had so many compliments about my new ‘hair do’ It’s a period of readjustment but when the hair comes back…it surely comes back! I would post a photo but having problems cos I have a Mac.

Good luck, have a little patience and it’ll be worth it!


Pineapple, I’m sorry to hear that your hair hasn’t grown back… :frowning:


I had my last chemo on 21st December and my hair started growing back mid-January. I still had long wisps of old hair but I cut them off, it looked silly having two lengths. Now my hair is over an inch long but it doesn’t look that great. It’s curly but not in a nice way, it just sticks up in crinkly tufts.

It’s at that annoying stage where it is uncomfortable to wear a wig because it rubs my hair the wrong way, but I still want to cover it up. When not at work I just wear a scarf. Once the hot weather starts I think I’ll just give up on the wig and go commando, never mind what it looks like.

Hi Silverlady

I had my last chemo on 20th Dec and like you have 1" + of grey/black curly crinkly tufts, reading your post made me laugh as your description was just a carbon copy of my bonce!! I went back to work 6 weeks ago and wore my wig on day one but got so hot I threw it in the bin in frustration, I now go commando and have got use to the looks of “is it a bad hair cut” or “is she an off duty door man”!!!

I am now happy (ish) with how it looks although cant wait for a bit more growth to be able to get the straigteners out. Perhaps we could race for shoulder length hair.

Take Care