How long for the drain to come out

Hi All

I was wondering about my drain I has right mx on 8th Sept and am day 28 of my drain flowing, I am draining 100mls a day is there anyone out there with the same problem, surgeon says 35mls for 2 days running, but I am beginning to think it will never happen

Please any hopeful results out there cause I am going crazy with this drain in



They are quite strict about6 the 35ml - i had mine in for a good week - but when it came out it was all dry.  That is what they want to prevent internal infection i assume

I had mine out after a week but then kept developing a build up of fluid and had to have it aspirated several times. Better to keep the drain until you have dried up!

My last drain came out after 6 weeks - not much fun but don’t worry, hang on in there, it will slow down, it won’t go on for ever.  I’m sure it seems like forever right now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!