how long have i got

hi all dx with secondarys in liver in april husband wants to know how long i have left to live so he can make plans i do not want to know treatment is working herceptin is shrinking the tumour thanks in advance xx

Hi linzs,

it’s a but late and I am struggling to keep my eyes open! but I saw your post and thought I would give a quick reply to say hi, and a little bit more :). It is hard when your other half wants info you would prefer to be without, but maybe some of the replies you get here might help to encourage you, but will be realistic as well. Like yourself I am her2+++ and on herceptin. It was the drug that worked for me when I had already had so many different chemos. I have been on it now for nearly 7 years. I hope you will find, as it is already shrinking your liver mets that it will continue to keep them under control for a good few years. I know it sounds corny to say who knows what drugs are just round the corner, and you will be able to benefit from them. BUT - when I was first diagnosed herceptin wasn’t heard of…so it really was just round the corner for me.

There is a thread where many of the girls with liver mets post and I am sure they will give you a bit welcome and lots of good advice. I can’t take time now to hunt for it but perhaps someone else will do so.


Hi Linz
I don’t have liver mets (bone mets for me!) but I do know that every one of us is different and we react to treatments in a different way so it is difficult to say how long we all have. It sounds like Herceptin is doing the job and, as Dawn has said, it can work for many years with no other treatment being needed. During that time other, newer treatments will also become available (well, I certainly hope they do). Maybe if your husband wants a more detailed answer he could ask your oncologist, who would have a better idea. I, for one, didn’t - and don’t - want to know how long I’ve got as I think it would affect the way I live my life too much. As it is, since my secondary dx 2 and a half years ago, I live for the day and make sure I enjoy the smaller things in life as well as the bigger moments.

thanks ladys have a good christmas xx

boosting it up

Hi linzs.
I don’t have the same as you, but I do have Inflammatory breast cancer and brain mets. When I was diagnosed with IBC in 2006, the average life span was 6 months, and my GP has since told me that he had expected me to be dead within 2 months. When I was rushed into hospital with brain mets in February 2008, my family were all rushing to my bedside as I wasn’t expected to make it out of hospital.
But I’m still here - still terminal, but doing fine. No matter how bad your prognosis, it’s all statistics, and for everyone who goes when they are expected to, there’s someone who beats the odds. So be lucky, tell your husband that even oncologists can’t fortell the future, and point out (in the nicest possible way) that either of you could be run over by a bus at any time, so just make the best of now.
Love, Lynn

I think it’s impossible for anyone to predict - I have secondaries diagnosed in April in bones (had to have full shoulder replacement), liver and lungs and Onc said I’d have anything from 6 months to 10 years - so far am still having treatments and have some stable phases without chemo so I’m not expecting any specfic timing - think he was being totally honest and does not know. Everyone says I’m doing better than they’d initially expected - so long may their care continue. Am just trying to make the most of each day - but that does not mean I don’t have down phases too… - as Lynn says, the reality that no one knows how long they have to live but most of the time we don’t have to face that reality head on like we do with BC…

take care - it’s really difficult for partners, isn’t it…


I was diagnosed with bc and liver mets at the same time in July 2007 and had chemo Aug 07 to Nov 07 - which was FEC and taxotere. I then went onto Herceptin. But just to say, that nearly 4 years on, I am back on chemo now - weekly paclitaxol - but have only had one hospital visit when I went neutropenic in Nov 07. I have had 3 good years and am still doing OK really. Hopefully it will last for another 3 years. I was 39 when diagnosed and have two children who are now 7 and 4. I think that they give me the fight I need as so want to see them grow up.

Dont think anyone can predict how long we have got. Depends on how we react to treatment etc. All I can say is, keep eating and living and enjoy your life. Hard some days, I still get my dark days but have to keep on going with my daily routine for the kids sake.

I have put on 3 stone in 3 years and cant stop eating, luckily i was just under 8 stone when it all kicked off.

Hope you are doing OK.

Take care