hi every1,mum went 2theatre at 8.30am this mornin,could any1 please tell me how long a mastectomy operation takes,straight forward and no-reconstruction? please can u help me thanku x x

Hi Teasea

I think I was in theatre for around 3 hours. Went down around 8.30am and came back around 12.30. Your mum will be in recovery for a while too and she may have an oxygen mask on when she comes back as I did. Hoping all goes smoothly.

Big hugs

Ruby xxxx

I think it varies. When I had my WLE at Christmas, the lady before me had a mastectomy and she was in theatre a couple of hours but dont forget that there is time in the anaesthetic room before and after so she will be gone longer than that

Good luck to your Mum

Louise x


I think it takes about 1 and a half to 2 hours. I went down at 4.30 back at 7.15 pm if that helps.

Starfish x

thanks every1,mum was down 8.30am+bak on ward bout 10.30am,well its ova now thank god!!

That’s good, teasea, hope your Mum soon feels more comfy

I left the ward at 11.30 and was back by 1.15 (that’s an “all inclusive” time, i.e. getting from the ward to the theatre, hanging around a bit, inserting the cannula for the anaesthetic, the op, recovery time, and then back to the ward - for a most welcome cup of tea!) That was the worst bit - not being able to drink fluids after 6 a.m. on the morning of the op - and to arrive in the ward to the smell of toast and tea!

hehe bubs,sounds rather good, init? yeah same 4my mum she said 8.35she last looked at clock+10.05 had just come round afterwards+then 10.30 was back on the ward,god i thought it wud take ages x x x all over now+wat a bloody relief x x x