How long is the wait for an appointment?

Hi I was just wondering how long everyone waited for an appointment. I saw my GP 10 days ago and he said he was referring me as urgent. I thought because of the 2 week rule I would have received a date by now. I thought you are supposed to be seen within the 2 weeks but obviously the weekend is coming up so it’s going to be over 2 weeks. Also do they give you much notice before the date? I am finding just waiting for the appointment is stressing me out before I even get there. I live in Wales but I believe the same rules apply in England. Thanks Clare x

Hi there Clare,


I am suprised you’ve not heard anything yet to be honest, yes you are right about the 2 week rule for cases where the GP feels there is a need (under NICE guidelines). Everywhere is different regarding how much notice they give (I had about a week’s notice), but as you rightly point out, even if the appointment arrives tomorrow then you will likely be being seen after the ‘2 week rule’ period. The GP can usually very quickly make the referral nowadays, electronically, so there should have been no hold-up from that part of the process.


I think if I were you, I would definitely give the GP a ring tomorrow and chase it up. It could be something simple, like your appointment letter has been lost in the post. Or there could be some other administrative error at the hospital end. Either way,  I’m not surprised it is stressing you out! All the more reason, for your own peace of mind to chase this up and find out what the hold up is. Don’t leave it over the weekend, it’ll make your weekend even more rubbish fretting about this.



Oh Clare…that’s just the pits! I can well imagine how you are feeling. I have heard of other women affected by 2 weeks rule not being met, due to a massive influx of cases. I’m out and about at the moment but will check back later to see if you’ve got through to them.

Well I finally spoke to someone at the clinic. She said that she has no definite date for me but looking at April at the earliest. It’s already been 2 weeks so at least another 2-3 weeks (could be longer) which is really hard to take. I know I should stay positive but I can’t help thinking if it is Bc then it’s longer to wait before anything can be done. Not sleeping and so tired which makes me think even more negatively. Trying to stay positive but too long to think about things. 


Clare xxx

Hi Clare,
So frustrating for you. Yes, it’s most likely to be ok, but that’s not the point.
The referral pathway does not seem to be consistent with others experiences reported on here & it would be interesting to know why.
hope it gets sorted soon
ann x

Is it worth going to your MP about this?
From what I’ve seen on the forum, being seen within the 2 week time frame is the usual experience elsewhere.
So sorry you’ve got this hassle
ann x

Really feel for you on this Clare, it should not be necessary to spend your way out of this. As Charys says below, a few weeks wont make any difference if on the off chance it is bc, but again, that’s not the point.
As you say, re-referral would put you back on a 2 week wait anyway, the other option is to keep at them until its sorted.
It sounds like the service needs a rocket up it. Presumably there is also a local PALS (patient liaison service) who could also advise, certainly in relation to a complaint when you’re ready to do so.
hoping this is sorted soon for you
ann x