How long till my hair grows back

I had my last chemo 5 weeks ago and my hair does seem to be coming in again.
Does anyone know how long it will take .
I am hoping I will have enough coverage by October as I have a holiday booked to Tenerife and really don’t want to wear my wig.

Hi Taurus,

When I finished my chemo it was in early September (2 years ago) - by Christmas I ditched the wig. So if that’s anything to go by, and your hair is already growing, I think you’ll have a cute “pixie” hairstyle by the time you go on holiday. And you really deserve a holiday, so go for it, hair or no hair!


Hi Taurus,
I finished my chemo 25th May and now have a very short thick covering all over my head. My daughter really likes it! Yes you should be ok for your holiday. ENJOY.

Thank you Margaret and Buckwheat thats reassuring I was not looking forward to wearing a wig, temperatures are still pretty high in October in Tenerife.