How long to feel better?

Hi All

As you may know I had my final chemo last Friday, (Tax). Still suffering the aches and pains for now but anxious to know when I’ll feel better! I really want to be able to get out and meet some friends, have a bit of fun (not too much though).

When do you begin to feel more normal, or is it a very individual thing?

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecilia

I think it is quite individual, plus it will depend on the order of treatment, whether it all goes to plan, etc etc. However, when I was dx my BCN told me to count on it being about a year from dx before things being ‘normal’ again.

Hope this helps

Hi Cecilia,

I agree with what quisie said for long term recuperation, but in the short term, I can’t really remember now (last tax 14 Sept) but three weeks after the last one I went to Center Parcs for a girlie weekend - friend’s 40th, booked long before my dx. I felt pretty much alright. We went for a long bike ride on the Saturday morning which left my thighs feeling like jelly, and I had to push my bike up the last hill when everyone else was still cycling, so I rested up all afternoon, but I was dancing that night at my friend’s party along with everyone else.

Now, six weeks on, I still have the nail/numbness problems which will take a while to resolve, but otherwise feel fine in relation to the chemo problems. Just a lack of stamina, which shows itself if I overdo it, either physically (I get tired, & my arm aches) or mentally, in which case I lose my rag much more easily. Yesterday it was at the hospital where the rads machines had broken down again and so were running later than ever…

Best wishes for your recovery from the dreaded Tax

Hi Cecelia

Long term is one thing, as people have said. But I always managed to get back to more or less normal between doses of taxotere. Now like you I have had the last one a week and a half ago, and am hoping that in another week I will be eating, no vile mouth, able to get out of range of the loo with panicking etc. Have to admit that I never have stopped going out except in the really bad few days.

Let’s stay in touch and see how we all get on!



Thanks all, yes let’s keep in touch and see how get all get along.

I’m just itching to feel better! I have been recovering a bit between sessions, but always knew another was to come so have kept a lid on too much socialising etc.

I’ll look forward to feeling more healthy in a few days, get rid of this mouth thing etc. I’m just so excited about finishing chemo I can’t wait.

Cecelia . x

Good luck, good luck! I want to be where you are…I just forced myself to go for a longish (and slowish!) walk on Hampstead Heath. It is such a beautiful day. I sat in the sun and dreamed of a time when I don’t ache and when I can taste again. I’d like to say I could taste the recovery…

hey there,

i know what you mean about wanting to get back to normal as soon as possible after chemo. I have so many ideas and things that I want to do now but I’m still not able to.

Have to say though that I didn’t stop going out during chemo. I went to gigs, even a music festival. I just had to take it a bit more easier than usual.

I keep forgetting that I’m still getting treatment (3 more weeks of radiotherapy). My boyfrined keeps reminding me.

But it’s all good. I don’t intend to look back. Cancer has taught me a few of things. One been that I don’t want it to have a starring role in my life again. Ha ha!

Wow, that all very philosophical. Catch me tomorrow and I might not be so up-lifting! Ha ha. Ok, back to work.

All the best everyone,


I had my last chemo on 31st August, but the only side effect hanging around now is the numbness/pins and needles feeling in my feet. It’s bearable though and my Oncologist said this feeling could last another few months, so looks like I’ve got to put up with it either way.

My tastebuds are almost back to normal now which is great, although I went off tea whilst on chemo, and although I’m drinking it again now, I certainly don’t enjoy it as much as I used to, which is a shame.

The best bit is my hair - its all growing back now - I even had to shave my good armpit yesterday - and was so excited!!!

It won’t be long girls, and we’ll all be back to normal one day !

Love to you all

Julie xxx

Hi Julie,

I also lost my taste for tea and I still don’t enjoy it. What a pity!

My hair still hasn’t grown back and it’s been six weeks now. I can see a bit on my legs. eeeek! If only we could have localised long-term hair loss in those other places.

As it happens, my eyelashes have only started to fall out this week. I’m still hanging on to most of the top lid but have lost most of the bottom. A bit strange. My left eyebrow is looking very sorry too.

Yeah, I’m sure it won’t be long til we’ll all fighting fit again.


The hair on my head is now growing back, but my leg hair is growing faster. It’s just not fair is it?

Hi everyone

I fully expect to grow a beard before anything else! Tee hee. Chemo has a wicked sense of humour. My main aim is to keep off the weight I lost. I never thought that I would get to 9 stone again! Has to be some good in all this! My husband still hasn’t got out of the habit of leaving me his old razor blades - I have zillions of them now.

Loads of love to all


Hi Julie

How much hair do you have on your head now after 2 months?

I just want to put a growbag on it, I’m so desperate for it to come back!

Cecelia. x

My hair was like a crew cut until about 6 weeks ago, now it’s growing like wildfire and looks like a short silver crop, great with funky earrings and I can wear all sorts of colours like orange and lime green which made me look washed out when I dyed it. I keeps getting people saying “oh, you’ll be colouring that won’t you?” but I like it, it’s very different.

I had my last chemo - the dreaded Tax - on 3 Aug. By this time and for a few weeks afterwards I was feeling very rough and was at my lowest point. During Oct I have noticed both a return in strength (as long as I don’t overdo it) and hair!!! Two weeks ago I went for a drive to the beach and had a walk by the sea minus wig for the first time! It felt great. My hair is very, very short, but not like a crew cut, and some people did stare but I just looked them in the eye and smiled. It was a milestone and I felt proud. I went for my Herceptin last week without the wig and the chemo nurses made a fuss and hugged me. It was just the tonic I needed! My family keep ruffling my hair like I was a pet dog and everyone is so interested in it’s and the brows and lashes progress. I agree with what Cherub says. It’s so exciting at the moment - a new start for a new me!

Jibby X