how long to wait for mamo results first year post mastectome

Hello everyone,
I could really do with some help and information from those of you who have had a mamogram at one year after first diagnosis - how long did you have to wait for your results? I have just been sent an appt and am told I have to wait 4 weeks for a letter with my results in - I just dont think I can bear the anxiety - feels like retraumatisation.
Is my hospital just rubbish or does everyone have to wait that long?
Look forward to your experiences - thanks Nicola

It seems its 2 weeks in another hospital in the north east - anyone having to wait less than two weeks? cheers nicola

I get an appt with consultant about 4 weeks after mammo, but usually a letter within that time, say after about 2-3 weeks.

But… i have always got in such a state waiting, that after the 2 mammos since dx, i have phoned my bcn a few days later and she has given me the results! Worth a try! Good luck

Hi Nicola,
I cant believe you have to wait 4 weeks never mind 2 weeks for results. I had my 1 year mammogram in November and got the results the same day! By the time I’d gone from the scanning dept to the clinic they had been sent over to my bcn and she gave them to me there and then (fortunately all clear)
Maybe speak to your bcn and see if you can get them sooner?
Good luck

Thanks for the advice Lolly and janey, am phoning the BCN again today. cheers Nicola

Hi with my first mammo I had appointment two weeks later with Oncologist and got the results then.With my second yearly one I waited 6 weeks and still no results so I phoned my BCN and she told me over the phone then a few days after that I got a letter.

best wishes Melxx

I am six months past my 1 yr mammogram. I had my mammogram 2 weeks before an appointment with the breast surgeon. I was given the results at the appointment. At my hospital it appears it is always done that way. My next appointment with the breast surgeon will be at the 2 year anniversay and he has already activated the next mammogram and the appointment will be sent out to me about so as to be again about 2 weeks before my appointment. I am glad it is given in person and not in a letter or on the phone it is much more personal.


I waited just under 4 weeks and then phoned my bcn who gave ME results on the phone. we need to know on the spot. That was in Ashford Kent.
best wishes

There is no link here (in Leicestershire)between mammograms and oncology/surgeon appointments.

I was told at my first mamo that the result would take 3-4 weeks (the results have to be seen by the consultant etc etc etc.) When I expressed disbelief at this (mental cruelty etc etc !!) the radiographer said maybe I should ring in earlier.
So I rang the radiotherapy dept after just 2 weeks and was told the mammo was clear.

I have just had the appointment for my 2nd 'surveillance mammo and was pleased that it had actually come only 15months after the previous one- rather than the full 18 months I had been told to expect.

Hi, I am 18 months post LD flap, ive had one mammo on good side which was ok, just been to see my BCS and was told that next mammo will be on both the good boob and on the reconn boob. I dont like the idea of having my reconn squashed, has any one out there had this done /

Thank you

There is no way that anyone should be having to chase up the results of their mammograms. It is simply not the patient’s job to have to do this. Maybe if more people complained, the powers that be might come to realise that they are not really providing a very good service.

Bboonie, I so wish my hospital got clued in like yours, at the moment I am in a system like topsymo’s, totally frustrating. The onco appts (now annual) are out of synch with the anual mammogram (just turned 2 years post Mx) and so I have an appt to go see the onco in March with no new mmg since last April. Tried to get BCN to arrange the mmamogram but she says the policy is not before 1 year, and because they missed it last year, (although ironically the national screening programme did try to invite me exactly then due to my age) now this year is all wrong - how daft! I’m planning to ring and postpone the onco appt, as I just really don’t see the point going in when I haven’t had the picture. BCN said they are aware of the problem; well, and.??

And yet I bet if I had another actual lump (which I did have last year although it was supposedly benign) and got readmitted by GP to the active system, they would be doing a mmg within a week!

So go figure.