how long until i get an appointment?

Hi everyone, this is all new to me and very scary. I found a lump in my right breast after also finding a huge bruise. Don’ t know how the bruise happened at all. I saw my gp and he wants it all checked out. How long do I wait to see someone. I just want to get on with it as this waiting is driving me mad. 

Hi hesalo welcome.


I think most people wait about two weeks for appointments after a doctor’s referral.  I know this is a very worrying time as your mind plays tricks on you with aches and pains, you will probably spend loads of time prodding yourself. 


Most lumps are nothing to worry about but you still need to get them checked out. Whatever you do stay away from Dr Google.  You will just freak yourself out.


if you feel yourself worrying too much just give the helpline a call. They are great at talking us back down.


I hope you get your appointment soon.


Take care



Hi hesalo and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support you have here please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your concerns as keeks has said, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Here’s a link to the ‘I am worried about breast cancer’ pages on this site which may be helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Thanks for your reassurance. I’ve been 2 weeks waiting now and the lump has been there at least 6 weeks( since I found it). Reading the other posts on here and realising what everyone is going through makes me stronger. What a fantastic site. Go girls!!!

Hi hesalo


if you have already waited two weeks and not heard anything then maybe it’s time to get a bit proactive.  The wait will make no difference to your lump. But if you are worrying two weeks feel likes months.


if your doctor did not ask for an urgent referral it can take longer but you can start to hassle them, possibly phone your GPs or the breast clinic.  Every area has a different booking system but if you phone them they might be able to fit you in sooner. If someone else changes their appointment then it’s good for the clinic to know you’ll come in at short notice.


it can’t hurt to give it a try.





If there’s no post today I’ ll go and ask at my surgery. Yes you are right keeks, it’ s worth a try. Thanks.

Hi, this waiting is awful. I am 57 so we can’t blame age for the length of wait. My lump followed a bruise on my breast. Can’t think what caused it. The lump now seems to be smaller but I know the breast tissue feels very different to the other one in that particular area. I saw a different doctor after I got the appointment, to question the wait. She examined me and said nothing was there. She insisted on me lying on my back but I tried to tell her I can’ t feel it like that. Eventually she had me sitting on the edge of the bed and I found it straightaway for her. " oh yes, it is there" she said. Anyway she thought the wait was ok so I left the surgery feeling more worried. By the time I go to the breast clinic it will be 13 weeks since I found the lump. Hopefully it will be a result of the bruise but how can anyone be sure until it’s checked? Please let me know how you go on with your appointment. It won’t be long now.

Evening Hesalo. That was very similar to my situation she couldn’t feel mine either when I was lying down. Sorry to hear about your wait as well . We are lucky to have this forum where we don’t feel alone and find that slot of woman are in the same situation. Think I’m feeling worse as time goes on. I’m fine when I am on work and around my friends and family as I don’t want to worry them. Feel like the nights are the hardest hence why I come on here. Thanks very much I will come on and write how I get on and my experience. All the best here if u need to talk . Take care x

HI everyone i am new to the group, infact new to the whole forum thing. I am 27 ive had breast pain now for about 6 months and a dull ache in my armpit, the pain doesnt coincide with my periods, after 4 months of going to the GP with the same problems (may i add i have Fibromyalgia, which is why i kept being fobbed off) I finally got referred to the breast clinic. They found I have thickening in my left breast, I had an ultrasound done just on my one breast and they said i have enlarged glands, hense the firmness. They have put it down to hormones. Which is fine i accepted that, i have suspected emdometrosis anyway and am due for my op on the 25th July. At the beginning of may i discovered a very hard painless lump above my left breast and to the right of my armpit, on the 19th May i went to see the nurse practitioner and she called the doctor in. They both agreed my lump was deep, doesnt move and is solid. The doctor thinks its attached to my chest wall. They referred me for an ultra sound, and that brings me to now. I have not recieved my appointment yet, despite a second solid lump, slightly smaller, appearing next to it and all around it has got very firm and i now have a tender patch and slight skin pigmentation, still have pain in that breast and dull ache in my arm pit, I havent heard anything, my GP said he will chase it up, i rung him and he just said im on a list. But its been 4 weeks since my referral, and i now have changes.


I go months on end without going to the doctors, i dont suffer with anxiety and i have physical symptoms, so why am i being written off?


I am gaining anxiety now with just waiting, is it me? am i being over paranoid here? should i really be concerned? xxxx:heart: