How long?

Has anyone else been told they had to wait for nearly a MONTH for the results of their surgery???
I feel I am being tortured!
I am being worn down not by this awful disease but by the way it is being handled and the lengthy waits I have had to endure. Do doctors not realise the effects of stress???

My mastectomy was on the 12th March and I received my results on the phone on 12th April! My operation was done privately through my husband’s job! It was awful waiting, it was probably the longest month of my life. It took several more weeks before they told me I was PR+ and HER-.

Kelley, thank you so much for your reply. It’s really awful an I feel like I’m all alone in this agony so it’s good to share. i was shocked to hear your wait was as long as mine and that it was done privately.
How are you getting on now? I aready know I’m HER+ but i’ve known that from the first biopsy. Isn’t it strange how different everyone’s treatment is?
Big Hug

Hi Momathome,

A month is by far to long!! A day is to long!!

I had my surgery on 14th Aug, will get my results on 1st Sept - thought that was bad enough.

I’m with you on the torture - waiting is worse than the treatment, totally done my head in!!

Hoping when you do …eventually get them…they will be all good.

Love Tracey


Wow how I wish my results were just taking a fortnight! I’ve been trying to get back in touch with the breast nurse all day and funnily enough she hasn’t returned my call. The worst is, that the longer it goes on the worse I think my results will be. And of course it delays me starting any further treatment, which don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking forward to, but at the same time it hopefully means I’ll be able to rid myself of this disease.
How are you coping after surgery? Are you as anxious as me to just get on with things and frustrated when you can’t?
IF and I say IF my file is reviewed next wednesday I’ll probably be getting my results on the same day as you, so fingers crossed for us both.
Love Dawn

Hi Dawn,

I have nothing but empathy for you - because I am feeling exactly the same. Had WLE & SNB last thursday - so think okay the big b****r has gone, but what about any little b*****s that might be lurking about? have I got to have more surgery, what comes next, chemo, rads ect., … I NEED to know. In the meantime, in my mind anything lurking about is travelling all around me at lightning speed!!

I should of got my results next monday - just my luck b. holiday - so it’s the next. I rang clinic today, BCN on holiday - spoke to another one who said there’s nothing I can do, you will have to wait. Like you, the longer it goes on the worse it becomes in your mind, and like you I’m chomping at the bit to get on with this, so I can hopefully be the other side!!

Will have to to try and keep busy and hope time passes quickly - what else can we do? If you feel you are going doo lally, I’m always around. What surgery have you had?

Should wish our lives away - but here’s to time passing very quickly and good results for us.

Take care

Hi all
Like you all I am going crazy with all this waiting.
I was dx in may had WLE and SNB in June, found out two weeks later I was Grade 3 invasive had Re-exicision in July for clear margins, but its only TODAY (aug 21) that i got ER PR and HER2 results because they forgot to do them in the labs after 1st op! because of this i havent started any treatment yet and wont be seeing onc until middle of september as he,s on holiday. I am desperate to get on with treatment! So when you go for results ladies ask about these results too.
Apparently this doesnt normally happen I just slipped through the net.

Hope you all get good results

Helen xx

Mornin girls! Well this is really getting on my nerves, it took me ages to get to sleep last night and I end up not sleeping that long even though I’m knacked.
Tracey, my surgery was a full mastectomy, which I had FIVE weeks after diagnosis…oh yes this waiting lark seems to be dogging me. I was told I’d have results after 10 days, then they looked at the calendar rethought and said it would more than likely be the 27th. So when I was told yesterday that it wouldn’t be til the1st( which by the way is when hubby starts new job working away) at the earliest…well you can imagine. It’s the only time I’ve been angry about the whole thing.
I’m even angrier that this information was delivered to my hubby by phone and not to me!
And if I get told one more time that it’s the school holidays so pathologists etc are away I think I’ll scream… I KNOW IT’S THE HOLIDAYS AND MINE AND MY KIDS HOLIDAY IS BEING RUINED BECAUSE OF WAITING!!!
And quite conveniently my BCN is away allnext week too…so no support there either, shocker.
By the way, I hate how angry this all sounds, this is not me, I like to have a laugh…honest.
Helen, at least you’ve got an appointment with your onc…I expect mine will have retired by the time I get referred to him/her!

Hi Everyone,

Had full mastectomy with recon and knew beforehand my dx which has been confirmed after operation…

Thanks NHS

Take care

I went back for my results after op at 10.15 am - at 12.10 we went in - took bandages etc off and then said oh yes sorry no results EVERYONE IN HISTOLOGY ON HOLIDAYS - so yeah I know what you mean - you’ll have to come back next week - which I did and I did get reslts then. But I know what you mean about the hols thing,

Did not have to wait as long as some of you (sorry- it is a horrendously stressful) keep fingers crossed - and toes for all of you.

Sorry Momathome - not Momothome xx read it wrong or remembered it wrong. x

I was told size/grade immediately I came round after surgery,then had to wait 1 week for hormone status and lymph/vascular report.Her2 took absolutely ages,months not weeks!They said it didnt matter as I wouldnt get Herceptin till after chemo anyway,but it did matter to me.I rang the bcn and she said,'oh you dont want to be Her2+ well for the record I’d rather be Her2+ than triple neg thanks[I am trip neg].They didnt understand that I needed to know .

I was dx on 24th July, had a wire guided WLE on 14th July, waited 2 weeks and 1 day for results.
Then I waited until 18th August to have a re-excision.
Waiting for results of re-excision now (next week or the week after - it’s been 8 days so far)

And then will see the oncologist on 18th September - a MONTH after my re-excision - goodness knows how long I will then have to wait for treatment.

I am going back to work on 2nd Sept to get back into a “busy” routine, hoping it will take my mind off “dwelling” on all the dark thoughts. I still don’t know if I’m HER2+ either.

momathome your waiting time is unbelievable! No wonder you are angry!
Irina x

Hi everyone!

Well Tracey, I’ve been talking to breast nurse and begged to be seen earlier than the 1st and guess what…it worked! I explained that having been diagnosed on the 30th June, operated on the 7th Aug, I’d waited long enough. Thank God she agreed with me, and the consultant has agreed to see me TOMORROW!
I am SO scared, quite how I’m gonna get through the remaining hours to my appointent I don’t know…but some wine is gonna help!!
Irina, you sound like you’re going through the mill too, at least you have your appointment with your ONC, I bet mine isn’t until late Sept! later than that knowing my luck.
I’ll let you know how I get on…fingers crossed please!
Big hugs

How did it go today? Got everything crossed for you,
Irina xx

Hi Irina

Well it could have been so much worse!
CT scan clear. Only 1 out 9 nodes affected.
Lump measured 15mm but the DCIS measured 7.5cm so no way to avoid mast.
Have an appointment to discuss chemo with oncologist on the 3rd Sept with likely start date to be mid september.
I will be given Herceptin and other hormone drugs, so everything will be thrown at it to try and get rid of it.
Am still scared, an don’t want to wish my life away but I SOOOO want to be one of those people who had it at least five years ago! Bet you’re the same eh?

Glad you got your results quicker and they are so good.Now you can move on to the next step in getting this thing beaten!
Good luck with chemo and being a poster in 5 years time!

That’s good news! (although better news would be “we made a mistake, you haven’t got BC”)
I had 1/14 nodes affected. I don’t know my HER2 status and am not sure if I will be offered chemo as my cancer is grade 1.
And yes am still terrified!
Irina xx

Hello Dawn and Everyone!

So glad you pushed to get your results earlier, and even more glad they were good!!
Just got to get the extra insurance with the chemo ect., now. I know what you mean about not wanting to wish your life away, I do hope we will all be joining you on your five year poster!!

Still have to wait until monday for my results and haven’t the slightest clue what they will be, not long now.

Good luck Irina for your results next week too.

Tracey xx

Am definitely keeping everything crossed for you Tracey.
Don’t forget to let us know how you got on. We’ll prob be chemo buddies at this rate.
Big hugs…and lots of luck coming your way