How many people have been refused a reconstruction because they are high risk?

I have spent the last ten months talking to two different surgeons with reference to having a reconstruction on the right breast. Ten months later I have been refused, how many people have been refused lately or told they can’t have it until 1 to 2 years. I believe budgeting may be part of this problem but it is very difficult to talk to someone, I was assured at the beginning of treatment that I could have reconstruction so I went ahead with full mastectomy, IM not ungrateful for the treatment I have had it was excellent however I have been dropped like a stone including canceling my check up appts, even my breast care nurse just walked away when I was told this. Has anybody else felt this let down or is just me, sorry crying again i have been devastated by this and feel the after care after treatment lets the whole service down

Hi vonz, I am sorry to read your post
Whilst you await replies please call our helpline to talk this through with one of our team who can offer you practical and emotional support, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Vonz
Sorry to hear you’re feeling so upset. I did have to wait 3 years for my reconstruction as my medical team wanted to make sure that all was okay following treatment and nothing had come back. I was happy to wait and wasn’t in a rush for reconstruction. I know some people do feel let down after treatment. It’s a very difficult time because you’ve finished treatment but psychologically and mentally it doesn’t end there! You probably need to speak to somebody - a professional about the way you’re feeling - I did and it helped a bit.
Sending you hugs.
Ruby xx

Thank you everyone, it has taken a bit of time for me to be able to reply, IM high risk because I had a back operation 6 years ago which went wrong. My surgeon feels if I am turned on the table then I could have the same problem happen again. I broached this subject on my diagnosis appt and was assured that I could have reconstruction, you can see why I am disappointed I have been put off and kept waiting for ten months with no inkling that this would happen. I know everybody is entitled to a reconstruction however only if the surgeon is happy to operate. My options now look like private treatment …