How many surgeries to complete reconstruction???

I have now had 3 generals and 1 local. I have to have at least one more as I have hideous folds of skin!

This has been going on since July 2014.  I just want to live a normal life! Everytime I get somewhere near it all starts again - stitches/ can’t walk dog/have to sleep on back/ can’t stretch/ have shower/ limited house duties! 

Has anyone else had such. Saga? I had tissue expanders replaced by silicone implants.

Sorry for the moan!

Hi, I’ve had 3 surgeries so far too! Original mx on left side June 2013 to remove cancer, prophylactic mx on right and reconstruction on both sides using expanders June 2014.  Had the expanders swapped out for implants 3rd Sept this year (had to wait a long time!!) So I’m nearly 4 weeks post surgery now.  How long did it take for your swelling to go down after final exchange? I’m desperate for some news bras but don’t want to go too mad just in case I’m still swollen!! 

I go back to see consultant mid October when we will discuss nipple reconstruction - which apparently can be done under local.  So although all my big surgeries are done for the time being, I’m still a work in progress!!! xxxxx

Have had 11surgeries,incudng one local,due my 12th…all in a space of 2 years.Like one step forward,2 back,but you do get there, in the end.My phrase was onward and…onward…?