How much will they know?

just realised I said noon urgent scan, I meant non-urgent scan

All the best for the appointment this afternoon.
It can be so scary waiting for results, I really hope that thy turn out to be good like Bernies - do let us know won’t you.
Magsi x

HI Rosemarywine,
I’m so sorry to hear about your experience and I hope all goes well for you this afternoon. I was terrified all last week, so I’ll be thinking of you at 2.30. It helped me a lot while I was waiting to make a list of questions to ask (with spaces for writing their answers) even though in the end I didn’t need to use it - it gave me a feeling of being more in control of the situation. Good luck and let us know how you got on,

Hi bernieszu,

Great news! So glad for you. Keep your list of questions for next week and still take someone with you. Good luck and hope you get a good nights sleep!


hi, it is cancer. a 1.2 cm tumour. I am jst devastated.

I am so so sorry to hear the news, obviously you are not sleeping as you are posting early in the morning.
So many of us have been where you are at this moment and its not a nice place to be.
You will have so many thoughts and emotions hitting you that you probably fell completely overwhelmed.
At the moment try to take it step by step. Only get as much information as you need, but do get as much support as you can from wherever you can.
This site is brilliant whever its for information or in the forum area for support from others.
As the day starts you will find more people on the site popping in who will be there for you.
You may want to start a new thread with a different title just so people pick up on it - just a thought.
For now - much love, you will be in my thoughts and prayers today Rosemary. I have a child in the nursery class where I teach with your name so that will be a constant reminder to me.
Magsi x

Dear Rosemary

it just goes to show your instincts were right, I had a similar experience, didn’t like the first hospital that didn’t diagnose my cancer either. A 1.2 cm tumour is very small so you did the right thing in getting it detected quickly despite your problems. I was devastated too but I am here five years later. Didn’t think I would be but there you are.



Rosemary has started a new thread - ’ 36 and terrified’ in the newly diagnosed section if you want to pop in and give her your support.
M x

thanks magsi, i will keep posting on that thread x

All the best for tomorrow Bernie when you get those results, hoping they confirm that it’s a fibro-adenoma.
Do let us know, I’ll be looking out for your news

M x

Just bringing this up as Bernie has results tomorrow.

Thanks so much Magsi,

I’m feeling fairly relaxed about it and this week has certainly been much less filled with fear than last week but I will be very glad when the diagnosis is (hopefully) confirmed.
I’ve been working like mad all week (and the weekend too) trying to get all my paperwork etc in good shape just in case tomorrow brings a nasty surprise and I have to hand over to someone else for a while at work. Last week I was so paralysed by fright I couldn’t plan anything or concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time, so that’s a definite improvement. My sister is coming with me tomorrow and I’m bringing the trusty old question list just in case (thanks, Toffee!). Will keep you posted and thanks again,

Just to let you know, I got the final all clear today - so relieved and happy. Thank you so much for your support.

Well done Bernie, thats really good, it must be a weight of your mind.
Now you can relax, especially after all the activity of late getting things done.
All the best for the future .