How often do we get check ups

Hi I havent been on here for a while, but find myself becoming very anxious a lot of the time, I was diagnosed back in 2012, had a mastectomy that christmas , I have since had reconstruction, but am waiting for a further op. But what concerns me I seem to have been left, I only ever had one check up scan since 2012 , I think, I dont actually remember ever having proper check ups since then, just seeing plastic surgeon. My brain seems to have gone to mush.Thanks for any advice.

Hi Willowcat  Did you have single mastectomy? If so you should have annual mammograms on the remaining boob.  I am due for my first annual mammogram on Monday exactly one year after my mastectomy.  I also have annual check ups with the surgical team.   Why not try ringing the breast nurse where you were treated and see what they say.  My apologies if you had double mastectomy.