How often do you have scans?

I’m now halfway through 6 x EC chemo and have just opened a letter telling me to come in for a scan in a couple of weeks time. My BC nurse says this is quite normal procedure. My tumour markers have dropped from 130 to 101 since starting chemo although haven’t dropped further since the last session (yet)

Just wondering if this fits in with most people’s normal experience of scans/treatment …

Lesley x

Hi Lesley,

Yes it is pretty standard to have a scan after your first few doses of chemo, to check progress. If it were shown to be doing no good (perish the thought) the treatment would be changed before having to endure the whole course for nothing.

Good luck with your scan amd results.


Hi Lesley
I had scans half way through 6 x FEC last year then another set when all 6 had finished so I think it is normal practice. My halfway scans were good and really helped me cope with the remaining 3 sessions of chemo knowing that the little uggers (as someone on here calls them) were suffering more than I was :slight_smile: Hope you are coping Ok with the chemo and managing to feel OK in between sessions.
Nicky x

Thanks Jenny and Nicky - I thought it was probably standard practice but having not had a scan since before Xmas and having had the onc relying on markers so far, I was a bit alarmed this morning - but hopefully it will show that the uggers are shrinking!

Lesley xx