How quickly does hair fall out?

I had my first Fec on Tues and used cold cap. Not confident it has done anything. Didn’t feel that cold while it was on and head wasn’t that cold to touch when it came off.
Already my head feels odd and when I run my hands through my hair some comes away. I haven’t washed it yet. I thought it was meant to be at least 2 weeks though until it started to go?

That sounds odd - you should have felt extremely cold while the cold capo was on your head. Some people even say you have solid ice in your hair afterwards…?


I didn’t use the cold cap, personally, but my hair started falling out about 10 days after my first dose of FEC, and I was bald by the time I went back for my second dose at 21 days. Possibly wouldn’t have been completely but at about 17 days, it was coming out in handfuls to the extent that I asked my husband to shave it off as it was driving me nuts.


You may possibly lose a few hairs quite early on. There is a raging battle going on inside your body. But I do seriously wonder if your cold cap was even working properly. Good luck.

Mine started falling out just after 2nd FEC. I didn’t have cold cap and I decided I didn’t want to see it fall out so I shaved it all off myself! I new it was going to happen ,so I bit the bullet and took control! It got that part of things over with and I put my wig on. I was lucky enough to get a wig made for me which had roots and was very similar to my style. I didn’t tell very many people about my bc and I got away with it,because nobody noticed! This was last April, this New Year it was long enough to appear “with a new hair cut” and I am getting back to me again. I also remember btw that my scalp was quite sore for a while while the rest of the hair fell out but that was only for a short time. On a  positive note, it has come back thicker and lovely and wavy! i had dead thin straight hair before.:slight_smile:



Hi, I just only wondered back Hera after two years, been clear of cancer… It brings back memory to see you all chatting here… I had 6 chemosynthesis, three fec and three tax… My hair started falling out after my first chemo and I shaved it of in toe days… You can’t believe how many hair you have until you find them everywhere! It was not pleasant but I looked for the positive things, no razors, safe money on hair dressing etc, I know this is not fun, but is doable. Keep positive, I say my when my hair started falling out after I have touch them, it was very upsetting, but when I decided to shave it of, I felt much more liberating and in charge!
Girls I wish you the best with chemo… Is not pleasant, but it will help… I had mastectomy after and three weeks radio… I am on tamoxifen and living absolutely normal life… I wish you all the best…

I had my first treatment at the beginning of Feb…  The T  first and  within a few weeks my hair thinned   I used the headstrong classes to learn about scarves and head wear very helpful do go to one .  I have got myself a wig now as it was getting so thin after the second T . Its a new confident me .   So get a referral to go to a wig workshop you can get one  on the NHS  for £64  worth every penny  if you claim benefits for low income  I think its  free but best to check up first good luck and the hair does return when treatment finishes