how quickly does it grow?


I know everyone is different but having finished my chemo end of April I was just wondering how long it takes for your hair to grow long enough to leave your wig off.

My head resembled a snooker ball after my 2nd of 6 tax, I now look like a peach,

I was hoping I would be able to leave my wig off September time what do you think?

Best wishes Liz x

Hi Liz
I finished my chemo in September 2008 and I ditched my wig in Jan (09). I did have quite a lot of hair at this point and it was my choice to keep wearing my wig until I was happy with the way I’d look without it. If I wasn’t so ‘precious’ I would have ditched it before :wink:
Hope you can get rid of yours as soon as possible.
Nicky x

Hi Liz

I finished chemo April last year, and ditched the wig the last day of July!

I had really short hair, but it was just enough for me to ditch the wig and face the world.

I found it really hard at first, and was very self conscious for months i have to say, but that was because my hair was my pride and joy, and everyone who knew me, knew that there was no way i would have had my hair cut that short out of choice.

Good luck…(the hair really does grow back quite quickly after treatment, so hang in there…)

Naz xx

I can’t wait for mine to grow enough to ditch bandanas/wigs.
I do not suit short hair at all, can’t wait for it to get to bob length.

hi there i finished first lot chemo beg of march my hair is now about 1.5 inches and have gone scarf free for a while, have never had short hair bur really love it everyone says i look younger and its so much easier to do , hope you soon have lots of growth xxx

Hi there
finished chemo at end of February and I’m still wearing a wig. It’s growing nice and thick at the sides and at the back, but it’s struggling on the top! Hence why I do not have the courage to go without my wig, I feel very self conscious. Seems like my hair on the top has finally decided to come out, hopefully I will be able to ditch that awful wig by September… I wish…


I’m another one with hair that’s been slow to put in an appearance. I had last TAX at the end of April and whilst I have a reasonable amount at the back and on the top, the rest of my head is very sparse, so it’ll be a long time before I can confidently go wig free. :frowning:

I’m using the Lush solid shampoo to promote regrowth and thinking about trying Alpecin as well.

Nymeria x

I put a scarf ON for the first time in ages yesterday (because it was very sunny and didn’t want to burn) and that felt a lot weirder than going commando!

Finished chemo 23rd June, stopped shaving about a month earlier, currently have assorted bits of hair up to 1.5cm long but the shorter bits still come out if I “test” them (and can’t help but “test” very frequently) so I look like a badly plucked chicken, but what the heck.

Looking forward to not looking like a refugee from a concentration camp or someone who’s been scalped because of terminal nits, but I’m not going to stress about it, there’s far too much else to stress about. And the slight covering of hair is so much better than the completely bald look.

Yes I totally agree about the Refugee look … no scarf, with a scarf, dark circles under the eyes (lack of sleep), hardly any eyebrows or eyelashes, constantly snivelling (no nose hair), no energy …

It’s a real bummer that the hair doesn’t return as quick as it falls out!

And what’s the betting that it’s the bits aren’t on view, or that need shaving, that return first?

My last Tax was on the 19th July, so it’s probably too soon, but I keep scanning my scalp for signs of life!

I do still have a slight covering (I never went down the ‘shave it all off’ path, just had it cut to an inch or so all over), but its very thin on top and not much better everywhere else - just enough to ‘soften the edges’ and disguise what an ugly shaped head I’ve got! lol


Hi, I had my last tax end of April and I have a fluffy chick amount of hair really, dont like wearing the wig as it gets too hot, wear a scart out but nothing whilst at home. I cant wait for it to be a little bit longer, when I go back to work in a few weeks Im hoping it will look slightly better! xx

I had my last taxotere 26/8/2010 and I am sorry to say whilst it is starting to grow I still do not have a full head of hair and can’t really go out without a wig, it is ok but thin at the sides and the back but almost bald on top. I also have no eyebrows (although I had them tatoo’d so they are ok) and my eyelashes are very short. Oncologist simply tell me that she has never had a patient who did not get their hair back!!!.

The other hair on my body has also started to re-appear and my eyelashes are growing from my chin.

Before treatment I had very thick fast growing hair so who knows why we are all different, I tell myself if it has done this to my hair it must have kicked the ass of cancer.

hi everyone, thanks for sharing all of your experiences, i have lost my hair to chemo for the second time now, the first time my hair started to grow back after the third session of six, the tax is so harsh I believe for most of us until you have actually finished treatment hair is virtually unable to stand a chance of resuming growth,

I am doing ok compared to some, (touch wood) dont like to tempt fate, i will keep massaging my head and hopefully my hair will continue to grow,

best wishes everyone, may all your heads be hairy ones, love Liz x