How soon after can I....?

Hi all

I finished six cycles of chemotherapy (Taxotere) 3 and a half weeks ago. When I started having it, I was told I could carry on taking over the counter products like Vitamin tablets, manuka honey, etc, but I decided not to.

However, what sort of interval does one leave after the last treatment and recommencing these sorts of things? I’m not bothered about vitamin tablets, but am anxious to start taking Endotelon (concentrated, standardised grape seed extract) again, which I use to try to control my lymphoedema, as soon as it is advisable to do so.

Has anyone any ideas/thoughts or being given a specicific interval of time?

I’d be grateful for any comments.


I was advised not to take any supplements during Taxotere, although they did say a fizzy vitamin c tablet would be OK, but I decided against it. My oncologists said everything had to be managed through healthy diet if possible; some oncologists believe supplements can interfere with the work of the chemo drugs. I started back on vitamin c after Taxotere had finished, all I take is this and a high strength cod liver oil for my joints every day.