How soon can I wear a bra?

Had mastectomy on Friday-hate the lop-sided look! Drains came out yesterday and dressing comes off tomorrow. How soon can I wear a bra? Have been given my softie by hospital and have bought a bra, but unsure about scar tissue and being uncomfortable etc. Feel embarrassed when visitors come round as it’s so obvious even under baggy tops!!
Help please!
Gill xxx

Hi Gill

I left hospital wearing softie and bra - didn’t bother about being lopsided in hospital but wanted to look “normal” when I went home. I was advised to wear bra for a couple of hours at a time to get used to it but I just wore it all the time.

All you can do is try it and see how it goes.


Hi Gill

My hospital gave me the softie 2 days after my op (mastectomy and full mode clearance), and had advised me to take a soft bra in with me. I wore them both from day 2, and there was no discomfort at all. Some days now I tend to leave the bra off around the house, but only because I still get a bit of swelling under armpit area and the bra tends to dig in a bit then.

I tip - one the days I don’t wear the bra - I do have a solution for those times when I know visitors are coming - I safety pin (a tiny safety pin I would add!) a velcro patch to the outside of the comfie - and wear jumpers - that way the softie will ‘hold’ inside the jumper without the need for a bra!

Hope you get on ok.

Margaret x

Hi Gill

Breast Cancer Care have published a booklet called ‘A confident choice’ which gives information and advice about breast prosthesis, bras and clothes after surgery, you may find this helpful to read. Click on the following link to read the booklet online:

Best wishes